Root Canal Treatment Post Caring

Many people who wish to get a filling in their tooth are not aware that just a filling will not be beneficial for their teeth. But, they need to get a root canal done. The root canal works on taking out the damaged teeth from the mouth. This is done so that the natural tooth which is there are straight and they are not affected by any damage.
As there are many advancements in medical science, so the root canals are also painless.
Doctors have many methods of easing the pain or putting the patient to sedation. Hence the patient doesn’t feel much pain.

The patients are also given a to-do list. If the patients follow that properly, their chances of recovery become faster:

What Is The Need For Aftercare Post Root Canal?

A root canal is a routine process which offers great results. It affects the formation of teeth, for which aftercare becomes vital. Patients are advised to follow a few rules to make sure they have a speedy recovery.
But many patients complain that they start losing teeth post root canal because the tooth got weak and fractured. If teeth got fractured below the gums, then nothing can be done to treat them. Only taking out those teeth will help. Many teeth need a protective crown post a root canal.

Aftercare post root canal

Follow these steps for saving your teeth post root canal:

Don’t apply pressure on the tooth

Till the crown is placed, the tooth is not protected. One must avoid chewing from the side where the root canal took place to avoid pressure being built up on that side.

Have soft foods

Have soft foods which are easy to bite and chew. Avoid having crunchy or hard foods. Eating hard foods will increase the risk of again damaging your tooth and filling. The filling works as a seal until a permanent resort does not take place. Hard food can damage the filling or even break the tooth.

Choose a gentle brush

Replace your old toothbrush with a gentle one and also be careful while brushing and flossing. Both tooth and gums need to be taken proper care of.

Keep these points in mind after getting root canal treatment done and your teeth will never show any problems again.

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