Signs of Tooth Cavity

Teeth are an essential part of your mouth, a little carelessness will lead you to several teeth problems. Several people are suffering from tooth cavities these days due to certain causes or poor eating regimen too. If you are suffering from teeth problems then you need to visit the specialist as soon as possible.

Good teeth health is vital to your overall health. Avoiding tooth decay or cavities is one of the most effective ways of keeping your teeth in perfect condition and avoiding any complications. So, if you are suffering from any type of teeth problems, then you must visit the dental clinic to get the right treatment on time. Since Untreated cavities may kill the teeth also leads you to more serious problems.

That’s why we recommend you to visit the dentist as soon as possible so that you can treat your condition. To get the treatment, you need to understand what the cavity is.

What is a cavity?

This can form plaque when food and bacteria build up in your teeth. The enamel on the surface of your teeth gets affected due to the plaque bacteria. Regular flossing, as well as brushing, will help you get rid of this sticky and bacterial plaque. When you do not clean your teeth properly, then it causes cavities.

A cavity makes a hole in a tooth, which further can destroy your tooth. As we already mentioned above, the untreated cavity will surely lead to severe tooth problems include-:

  • Infection
  • Tooth abscess.

Certain areas in your mouth that can be affected by cavities include-:

  • Between the teeth
  • Chewing surfaces of the molars where bits of food can collect in the crevices and grooves
  • The bottom of the teeth near gums

There are certain foods that may increase the risk of having cavities such as-:

  • Sugary foods include cookies, cakes, pastries, and gummy candy
  • Dried fruit
  • Soda
  • Hard candy
  • Fruit juice
  • Potato chips
  • Ice cream

Signs of a cavity

Hot and cold sensitivity

A sensitivity that lingers after eating hot or cold food. It happens when you don’t have enough enamel to protect the dentin.


Toothache is also a sign of cavities and it is a common symptom. You feel too much pain as well as discomfort in your mouth.

Tooth staining

You may also experience stains on your teeth due to cavities. When tooth decay becomes worse, then stains become darker.

Lingering sensitivity to sweets

It means you are feeling sensitivity while eating sugary foods. In this case, you need to stop eating too sugary foods.

A hole in your tooth

You will surely notice a hole in your tooth due to cavities. If you notice a hole or pit, then you must talk to a specialist as soon as possible.

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