Smile Zone’s Recovery Guide – For the wisdom tooth extraction

Wisdom Teeth – Set of 4 Molars

Since we know, the wisdom teeth start erupting in our mouth when we hit 17 years of age. But sometimes, their sudden emergence becomes a matter of concern as our mouth does not always have the space to adjust the teeth.

And when their sudden emergence is becoming a source of trouble or botheration for you, then these are to be removed. Once the teeth are removed it becomes even more important to take care of your oral health. So here are some tips enlisted by the doctors of the Smile Zone, Dental Speciality Centre which will help you to make the most of your recovery period:

Quick Recovery Tips after Tooth Extraction

Check the bleeding regularly

According to the dentist in Whitefield, “It is very important for the patient to check the bleeding since some sort of bleeding in the first 24 hours is completely normal. But if it continues even after that, then it becomes a serious concern which needs to be discussed with the doctor.”

For the first 24 hours, the following tips will help you to do away with the bleeding:

Rinse the mouth and then bite the gauze to apply pressure on the muscles to stop the blood flow.

Take the medications

Do not forget to take the prescribed medications on time. If you miss out on them, then you will have no way to make the pain and the swelling go away.


According to the doctors, “It is the rest only that can help your body to do away with the problems. Do not rush. Just make our mind peaceful and calm and try to get a good sleep for 2 to 3 hours a day.

Do not consume tobacco

Tobacco consumption in the recovery period will make your pain the worst. Make sure you are not only staying away from tobacco but drugs and alcohol as well.

Stay Hydrated

To keep our body hydrated after the extraction is one of the necessities of early recovery. If you can’t drink the plain water in abundance, then go for drinking the fruit juice,

Do not consume the caffeinated drinks

Do not consume any drink that has caffeine compounds in it. Los you are suggested to avoid carbonated drinks. You have to just keep up with these precautions for a good 24 hours. I know, it’s tough to live without coffee!

Follow a good oral hygiene routine

After the extraction, the eminence of oral hygiene becomes even more important. If you do not do so, then your mouth will suffer from some serious oral problems. Do not skip brushing your teeth by giving an excuse that it pains you. You can go for a gentle brush.

Final Comments!

If the pain is emerging to be unendurable, then do not delay a second in visiting the dentist. Do not try to keep on enduring the pain for so long as it will lead you to suffer from severe adverse consequences.

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