What are the best treatment options to solve the issue of sensitive teeth?

In some cases, tooth discomfort is caused by different factors such as a cracked, cavity, worn filling, gum disease, or chipped tooth.

If you are facing the issue of sensitive teeth, then you need to visit the best dental clinic in Whitefield. The doctor will identify the underlying issue of tooth pain. According to your condition, the dentist will suggest different treatment options which include:

  • Fluoride

The dentist might apply fluoride to the sensitive area of the teeth to make the tooth enamel strong and reduce pain. The doctor might also suggest the use of prescription fluoride at home which needs to be applied through the use of a custom tray.

  • Desensitizing toothpaste

After using different applications, desensitizing toothpaste works best to block pain linked to sensitive teeth. Different products are available over-the-counter. You need to ask the dentist which product works best for your condition.

  • Desensitizing or bonding

Sometimes, the exposed root surfaces can be treated by applying bonding resin to the sensitive root surfaces. In some cases, a local anesthetic might be needed for the person to reduce discomfort and pain.

  • Surgical gum graft

If the tooth root has lost gum tissues, the gum tissue in small amounts is taken from different places in the mouth and attached to the problematic area. This way, sensitivity, and exposed roots can be protected.

  • Root canal

If sensitive teeth result in excess pain and other treatments do not give effective results, then the doctor will suggest the option of the root canal. The treatment is effective to treat the tooth’s soft core i.e. dental pulp. This treatment is considered important as it’s the success rate is high to treat the issue of tooth sensitivity.


Important tips to prevent tooth sensitivity

  • You should brush your teeth twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush and use fluoride toothpaste. Additionally, floss daily.
  • While brushing, use gentle strokes because harsh brushing and flossing can affect oral health negatively.
  • If you undergo a grinding procedure for the teeth, then you need to ask the doctor about a mouthguard. Tooth grinding can result in tooth sensitivity and fractured teeth.
  • You need to limit the amount of drinking or eating acidic food & drinks as they can affect the tooth enamel with time. After drinking or eating acidic substances you should drink water to maintain the balance of acid level in the mouth.

Following a proper oral care routine will make your teeth strong and help to lessen the effect of tooth sensitivity. If you are facing problems in excess then you need to consult the doctor right away. The dentist will identify the root cause of the problem and accordingly suggest a treatment plan that improves your condition successfully. For more information, book your appointment today only!

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