Some Reasons of Bad Breath

There are several reasons behind bad breath such as over-exercise, dehydration, serious illness, tonsillitis, and smoking. You should visit the dental clinic In Bangalore if you are continuously noticing bad breath from many days. You should tell your dentist in Bangalore about your eating habits too because these can also lead to bad breath. He will definitely suggest something that will help you to get rid of bad breath.

Reasons Behind Bad Breath


If you are not drinking enough water in a day then this dehydration can lead to bad breath and some other oral problems. Dryness of mouth can cause many health diseases, so in this way to should drink plenty of water and liquids in order to reduce the risk of serious health condition.


Our mouth is full of bacteria and germs which lead to oral health problems and overall health issues as well. Bacteria is caused due to left-over food in the mouth which can cause bad breath. You should brush twice a day with the goal of cleaning your mouth.


Over and excessive exercise will lead to breathing problems such as asthma, dry mouth, and wheezing. These conditions are common in athletes because they practice more time outside which is the foremost reason behind bad breath. Moreover, you should limit your practice and spending time outside in allergic seasons.

Gum Disease

If you are suffering from gum diseases such as cavity and plaque then it will lead to breathing problems. You should routinely visit your dentist in order to get proper check-up and treatment.


Over-consumption of coffee and tea can lead to bad breath and cavities. Some other foods such as oily, processed, garlic, and onion are additionally responsible for gum diseases. You should avoid these foods or you can brush twice a day in order to reduce the risk of serious illness.

Smoking and Tobacco

Regular smokers mainly encounter gum diseases and bad breathing. You should quit smoking if you want to save your teeth from problems. Moreover, people who consume liquor regular are most likely to experience gum diseases. These are not only caused gum diseases and bad breathing but also lead to lung cancer which is indirectly the cause of gum problems.

Medical Conditions

many health conditions or medications can cause bad breath such as kidney disease, lung disease, and some other health problems. In addition, heart problems also responsible for some oral health conditions such as bad breath, sticky cavity, and plaque.

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