How to ensure that you have selected the suitable option of Dental Filling?

Making the right choice with Dental Filling

Medical advancement has been made in every health care sector. Top-rated Dental Clinic in Whitefield ensures that all the modernized and improved technology are used to address the patient’s needs and provide them ease throughout the treatment. Dental hygiene and dental care need to be given utmost importance. But, many individuals take this for granted which in turn can lead to a problematic situation.

One of the issues is tooth decay, which is common among adults and children. If the problem is not treated properly, it can lead to serious issues like abscessed and failing teeth.

Every 6 months, it is important to visit children and adults. It is important to look for the possible signs of tooth decay or any other dental issue. To fill the cavities, different materials can be used which includes the following:

  • Composite
  • Ceramic
  • Silver Amalgam
  • Gold
  • Glass ionomers


Dentist suggest the option as per your needs

All the above-mentioned materials can be used to fill the teeth cavity, but some of them are suited for a certain condition. The dentist will suggest the best material as per the initial evaluation, your current state of the teeth, and determining your budget. When you are trying to decide on the filling type, some of the possible factors which need to be taken into mind are:

  • The extent of decay or its severity
  • Where exactly the cavity is located in the mouth?
  • Total cost


Assimilation of different materials

Let’s understand in-depth the availability of material for tooth cavity:

  • Gold Filling

Gold filling is strong and it can last for 15 years by following the dental regime. To get them fitted correctly, you need to schedule dental appointments more than once.

  • Silver amalgam filling

Silver material is sturdy and strong. But, due to its not so aesthetic appearance, people don’t consider it. Additionally, they have increased chances of getting broken.

  • Composite filling

A composite filling is one of the options who want the aesthetic appearance and they even match with your teeth. But, these are on the costlier side and their durability is a major concern.

  • Ceramic filling

The ceramic filling is made of porcelain material and is known for its aesthetically pleasing appearance. Its durability is high as compared to other options.

  • Acrylic fillings

Glass ionomers or acrylic fillings last for more than 5 years. It is one of the preferred choices for children. With this choice, the tooth decay issue is prevented as they release fluoride.


Consult the dentist for the best choice


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