Teeth Whitening Options to meet just your needs

If you looking for ways in which to get the best-looking smile and want to get rid of tooth discoloration then it is essential that you consider the teeth whitening options. Here are some treatment options available which can meet your needs.

  • Teeth Whitening Strips

Almost in every store teeth whitening strips are available. They are very popular because they are inexpensive, easy to use, and works really well. But, it might take longer to see the desired results you want as it depends on the strength of peroxide it contains. Many studies have shown that this option works really well to see effective results.

  • Teeth whitening trays and gels

There are trays and gels available which are effective in making the teeth white. But, yes the desired results which you want to see will take longer. The whitening trays are worn in a day for some hours. It actually takes some days or weeks to see the results which you want.

Additionally, you can get them from the dentist and them also over the counter are available. No doubt, both of them will whiten your teeth but there is the difference. If you get it from the doctor the results are fast as they have strong peroxide bleaching agent which is effective. This is the reason people prefer to visit a dentist in Bangalore for getting the treatment. They also fit your teeth as they are custom made. If you get over the counter it can result in irritation as bleaching agent comes in contact with gums.

  • In-Clinic Whitening Treatment

To see the most effective and best results you should visit the doctor at our clinic. With three-step, you can get your teeth perfect looking. The whitening solution is applied which provide quick, dramatic, and best results which are looking for.

Common question about the treatment

  • Will the whitening procedure make my teeth weak?

No, whitening does not make the teeth weak. It may result in some sensitivity but you can get rid of it by using the toothpaste which doctor will recommend you after the treatment.

  • How long whitening will last for?

Well, each case is different so it depends on the shade of the teeth and the strength of the whitening method used. Mostly, it lasts for 6 to 10 months. If you notice any change, you can get a touch-up. But, if you refrain from eating soy sauce, coffee, and other things then it can last for a long time.

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