Tips by Dr Priya Verma to Beat Tooth Sensitivity

Following a proper oral health care routine is very essential for every person. This is because, if you do not take proper care then it can lead to tooth sensitivity. Make sure you do not ignore the problem and read the given topic to know the top tips given by our doctor.

While sipping on your favorite drink you are facing sharp pain in your teeth. Whether you are drinking something hot or cold the pain is always triggered. Whatever the case is you have sensitive teeth. Well, there are different factors that can trigger the problem like teeth whitening, tooth decay, genetics, or receding gums. Do not worry as there are ways in which the person can get relief from the pain. Here are top dental care tips given by our dentist Dr. Priya Verma to get rid of tooth sensitivity.

  • Use the toothpaste made for sensitive teeth


Plenty of brands are available for tooth sensitivity like Crest, Colgate, Arm & Hammer, and Sensodyne. The toothpaste is specifically designed to deal with such an issue. You should look for ingredients like potassium nitrate which can deal with the problem as well as stop the pain.

  • Cut back the consumption of acidic food & drinks


One of the top suggestions our doctor gives is that you should avoid the food & drinks like citrus fruits and coffee. This is because it can lead to tooth sensitivity issues. Nod doubt, cutting back on coffee in the morning can be difficult for a few people then it would be best that you drink them by using a straw so that the liquid does not come in direct contact with the teeth. Additionally, to neutralize the effect of the acid you should drink a glass of milk.

  • Start Wearing a mouthguard


Some people face the problem of grinding their teeth at night. This habit can affect the tooth enamel and can lead to the problem of tooth sensitivity. You should consult our doctor as they will help you get a customized mouth guard which are made according to your teeth structure. Its symptoms include unexplained jaw pain and severe headaches. Your doctor will let you know which option is best suited for your condition.

  • Check up on your brushing habits


The type of toothbrush you use and the way you use it can increase the problem. This means that you need to be aware of the right type of brushing habit. Make sure you are using the toothbrush with soft bristles so that the problem does not increase.

Contact the doctor

The best place is to consult the doctor as they can give you the right advice. Get a customized treatment plan for your problem today only at our dental clinic!

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