What Is A Tooth Reshaping Procedure, And Why Should You Undergo One?

Whitening and straightening your teeth can definitely hype up your smile. But there are times when that final step to get the pearly white smile makes it look perfect.

Tooth reshaping!

Or dental contouring is a procedure wherein the best dentist in Whitefield modifies the shape of the tooth to reinforce a better smile and mouth proportion.

The best part about teeth reshaping in Whitefield is its quick, cost-effective, and painless cosmetic procedure. If your overlapping, pointed, chipped, or uneven tooth always becomes a barrier between you and the perfect smile, then you should opt for tooth reshaping and achieve perfectly aligned teeth that will enhance your overall look.

What Is Tooth Reshaping?

Tooth reshaping is basically an in-office dental process. In this method, the dentist removes the enamel in order to even out the surface of a tooth. With the help of a headpiece, the dentist is able to polish and/or sculpt the rough or pointed edge. Apart from that, they also trim out the extra length of the tooth if they are longer than usual.

In most cases, the dentist does not prescribe anesthesia to their patient to conduct the whole procedure. However, if they are working on the root of the tooth then anesthesia is a must.

In case the issue is regarding chipped teeth or a tooth that looks smaller in size than others. Then the dentist would involve the addition of an enamel-like resin in the same procedure, known as bonding. They seal the gaps and the holes by polishing the substances onto the tooth surface. Whereas in other cases, the dentist might shape the resin to match the size of the other surrounding teeth in advance.

Most probably, your dentist might ask you to wear a night guard in order to protect the teeth and also prevent them from future recurrence.

Why Should You Get Tooth Reshaping?

Some of those additional health benefits include:

  • Improved bite

It helps the patient to improve their bite as the dentist even out the teeth. This process helps them chew and talk in a proper fashion.

  • Less risk of future damage

It reduces the chances of holes, gaps, and cracks as the dentist fixes them right before they grow.

  • It lowers the complication of gum diseases and tooth decay.

If you have an even surface, it will be easier for you to clean and maintain the teeth, reducing the chances of suffering from gum diseases or tooth decay. 

  • It reduces irritation

With tooth reshaping, you can get rid of the pointed teeth. This is very helpful in lessening the irritation you might feel because of pointed teeth. Pointed teeth can easily aggravate the inner lining of the mouth.

There are also cases wherein tooth reshaping can save money for the patient as it reduces the chances of visiting the dentist for orthodontic treatment. But only if the misalignment is due to something smaller such as overlapping teeth.

Final Comments

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