Treatment Options Available for Broken Tooth In Bangalore

A broken or cracked tooth is caused due to chewing hard foods, in old age, and grinding your teeth at night. This condition is additionally caused because of blows to the mouth due to some injury or accidents, sensitivity, and some times putting extra pressure on the teeth. A cracked or broken tooth can lead you to infections not only oral but also harm your overall health. You should immediately visit the best dentist in Bangalore so that you can get the proper treatment for this.

There are lots of treatment which are useful to get rid of a broken tooth. In addition, we are leading the best dental clinic in Bangalore. You should visit us once so that we can examine your oral in order to start the treatment fast.

Broken or cracked tooth treatment

Ceramic filling

The filling is basically designed for a broken tooth which gives you lifetime relief. A ceramic filling is not only treated your cracked tooth but also fill the teeth which are damaged due to a deep cavity. This procedure only needs one sitting, you can eat after the 24 hours of the sitting. Firstly, your surgeon examines your tooth and then fill your broken tooth with temporary material. After some time, he will perform permanent ceramic filling only in one sitting. You do not need to give extra care after the procedure because this procedure is totally safe and secure.

Root canal

If you are suffering from a deep cavity around a tooth or a large amount of pulp then you should go with Root canal treatment. In this treatment, your surgeon firstly gives you local anesthesia in order to clean your tooth. This process is done in 2 or 3 sittings because it is not possible to treat your cracked tooth in one sitting. After the cleaning process, secondly, your surgeon fills your tooth with the temporary filling. And in the last sitting, he will examine the tooth and then fill your tooth permanently.


Most crowns are made of ceramic material which is too strong and durable. This process is performed after the root canal treatment in order to cover the filled and cracked tooth. Getting crown is not necessary but if you are going with it then it will ensure you with permanent results. Crowns are designed according to your tooth shape and color because many people get golden color crown rather than white.


Implants are usually designed for deep cracked tooth such as when your tooth is cracked from the gum and bone. Then your surgeon gives you this process.

Before And After Broken Teeth Repair

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