Dental Procedure: List Of Treatment To Fill Gap Between Teeth

A gap between the teeth can be a reason for lack of confidence in many, especially when you would have to smile or talk publicly. Many people are embarrassed about the look it creates, which often stops them from being social, thus affecting their opportunities.

But now, you would not have to worry about that anymore; your little gap in between the teeth would not determine your value or make you feel down about yourself. There are various ways in which you can fill the gap and stoop your confidence to the next level.

A Dentist in Bangalore can help you with all the procedures that would be required in order to achieve sleek and smile-worthy teeth. They fill the gap naturally so that you would not hesitate to talk in public anymore. There are some techniques that are natural to fill your gaps, but they might not be as effective or long-lasting.

That is why we have brought ahead some of the most cost-effective and best treatments available to fix the gap in between your teeth.

 List Of Treatment For Gap In Teeth

  • Dental Bonding

They are one of the most effective ways to fill the gap in between your teeth. So if you wanted to get rid of that space, the dentist would most likely suggest this procedure. Basically, the dentist would apply a tooth colour resin to the tooth, which is later hardened with the help of special light to make it seem more natural.

Unlike the Dental Crown Treatment in Bangalore, the material which is used in the dental bonding would stain after some time to a certain extent; however, they will look natural for sure. The most significant merit of dental bonding is that it would not require any need to visit the dentist multiple times. Instead, it is a one-time visit treatment. 

  • Invisalign braces

It is basically a kind of braces that helps in closing the space which is in between the teeth. With the assistance of veneers and dental bonding, small gaps can be easily filled, but in case of wanting a permanent solution, Invisalign is the perfect treatment. It reduces the gap permanently as they are clear aligners that help in aligning the teeth without revealing their presence.

Invisalign braces are pretty expensive as compared to other conventional braces, but it is the best solution to close the gap. Apart from that, it is also used in straightening crooked teeth. 

  • Veneers

It is another method that is very effective in filling the gap between teeth. For the biggest gaps in your teeth, porcelain veneers are the perfect solution if it is used as a cosmetic dentistry option. This is because there are more chances of having modifications in this method. They are stronger veneers than composite ones, especially for areas that require bite load.

Whereas composite veneers are a good option for filling the gap between the teeth, which has a small to average size that is 1-3 mm. Composite veneers are more affordable as compared to porcelain veneers and also need minimal preparation for the tooth. 

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