Type of the dental specialist – General dentist, endodontist & Periodontists

Every individual should know the variegated kinds of dental doctors. Because each one of us feels the urge to visit a dentist even once in the three months or six months. But sometimes, for the treatment of a specific condition we need the services of the specialist doctor, for that we should know which dental doctor should be visited at that particular point of time. On this account, the expert dentist of the Dental white, the best dental clinic in Whitefield has helped us with the relevant information:

  • A general dentist

A general dentist is the one who can either carry out the dental procedures on himself or herself or he can work with the assistance of the other doctors for performing the procedures that need the expertise.

People always misunderstood the role of the general dentist. They think that the general dentist is the one who carries out only simple procedures like teeth whitening, plaque removal and takes up regular dental checkups. Rather a general dentist can perform the procedures of the extraction and root canal treatment. In the wake of cosmetic procedures, he or she sometimes take the help of the experts.

  • Periodontist

A periodontist is a dental doctor who treats the problem related to the gums and the bones that are supporting the teeth. A periodontist carries out variegated treatment procedures like:

  • Treatment to diminish the excessive gums

  • Treatment to get rid of the inflammation of the gums

  • Treatment to sort the issue of the gum bleeding

A periodontist usually restores the vitality of the gums through deep cleaning. If you are wondering the difference between the cleaning that a normal dentist carries out and the deep cleaning that only periodontists take up then we are here to resolve your doubt.

People customarily face the gum problem if they have not visited a dentist for long and because excessive tartar or bacterial buildup has risen in the mouth and because of that deep cleaning will be considered effective.

  • Endodontist

The expert dental doctor who is a specialist in root canal treatment is known as the endodontist. Whenever the cavity or tooth decay has become so severe that it has even infected the blood vessels that are present in the internal area of the gums, then the pain which comes up is unendurable and there are chances that it can cause a severe infection in the whole mouth.

  • Prosthodontist

These are the doctors who are accountable for restoring the aesthetic capabilities of the teeth. They take into account the following procedures to give a pleasing look to the teeth:

  • Partial dentures

  • Porcelain crowns and the bridges

  • Full dentures

  • Pedodontist

As there are dentists which only treat dental problems related to children. And such dentists are known as the pedodontist.


Since we have all the necessary knowledge about the dental specialist. Now we know which dental doctor to visit in wake of a certain situation.

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