Different Types Of Tooth Pain You Can Treat At A Dental Clinic

Types Of Tooth Pain

Having tooth pain is a widespread problem faced by many. And not taking proper care of their dental health is one of the biggest mistakes of people they follow with no fear of repercussions.

Having a dental problem like tooth ache can not be cured or restricted by just brushing twice a day. Rather, taking proper care and maintaining your oral health with the assistance of a dentist is an excellent way to ensure that you bring forwards better overall health.

Many would benefit from such problems by simply visiting a Dentist in Bangalore and following all the given instructions for betterment. At least after every six months, you should schedule a consultancy with your dentist.

Although tooth decay is one of the most common problems, what causes the tooth to decay is an essential factor that you need to know to treat. Some treatments would require Dental Crown Treatment in Bangalore, whereas others would be easily treated with some medications and teeth cleansing.

What Are The Common Causes Of Tooth Ache?

These are some of the most common causes that might ignite pain in the tooth.

  • Misaligned tooth

Let us begin with the misaligned or hinged teeth, which is the number one reason why people wear braces as it realigns the teeth in place and makes them accessible and more comfortable for people who are suffering from one. If you have misaligned teeth, it might give you a lot of trouble, including having difficulty in biting the food. You would also have to be aware of the placement of the teeth; they are supposed to be more on top of each other so as not to cause any pain. Apart from that, you would also notice a pain in the tooth caused by it as the teeth would be pressurized over time and would shift further.

So if you are suffering from misaligned teeth, consult your dentist to recommend you an orthodontist. 

  • Impacted wisdom teeth

Almost 5% to 37 % of people are not born with wisdom teeth. Some tend to be lucky that they do not feel much pain during the occurrence of wisdom teeth later in their life. But it could not be said for everyone; there are many who suffers from extreme discomfort and pain during the growth of wisdom teeth. Hence they have to visit a dentist and remove their wisdom teeth.

The impacted wisdom tooth is those which do not grow through the gums. Instead, they happen to erupt from below the gums and would also push the molars leading to intense pain. The only solution to get rid of such conditions is by removing the teeth entirely with the guidance of the dentist. So book your consultancy now for the surgery.

  • Teeth grinding

Do you feel any kind of pain in the jaw or even your neck because of the pain in the teeth? If yes, so you would have a habit of grinding your teeth. It is a common problem that causes agony.

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