Understanding the Causes and Treatment of Yellowing Teeth

The occurrence of yellow teeth can ruin our confidence and we might not want to smile to our heart’s content as well. Fortunately, it will not be difficult to get rid of yellow teeth and you simply need to modify your diet while polishing your oral care regimen. You can take the help of a reliable dentist in Bangalore for whitening your teeth effectively. Here, we have mentioned the causes of the formation of yellow teeth and also how to get rid of the condition.

Causes for the formation of yellow teeth

  1. Smoking

We consume nicotine while smoking which can result in the formation of yellow teeth over the course of time. Therefore, try your best to stay away from smoking since it can also result in other detrimental health conditions as well.

  1. Food items

It is also possible for different types of food items to stain our teeth in the long run. For example, your teeth can become yellow in case you consume a salad with balsamic vinegar dressing. Moreover, the surface of your teeth can become stained because of the presence of tomatoes in pasta sauce as well as other food items that we consume on a daily basis.

  1. Beverages

Next, we will talk about beverages like tea and coffee which can also result in the formation of yellow teeth. Apart from this, the consumption of sports drinks having artificial flavoring as well as light and dark sodas can also be deemed to be culprits.

  1. Medication

We are in the habit of taking medicines in case we are suffering from any health conditions. However, it is a fact that antibiotics taken by us for preventing bacterial infections of our respiratory tracts, epidermis, and urinary tract, can result in the formation of yellow teeth eventually. While exposed to light, this yellow color of the teeth can become brownish much to our disappointment and frustration.

Now that we have talked about the causes of the formation of yellow teeth, it is time for us to throw some light on the treatment of yellowing teeth.

How to make our yellow teeth white

  1. At-home whitening

The good thing about this kind of teeth whitening is that the results will last for approximately 12 months or even more than that. Moreover, the majority of individuals will be able to afford at-home teeth whitening at present. Lots of options are available for this type of teeth whitening treatment which might consist of whitening gels and strips that you might find from the stores. This particular treatment method makes use of a chemical agent known as peroxide-based whitening gel that will help our teeth to become white within a short span of time.

  1. Professional whitening of the teeth

This particular process will be performed by an experienced dentist who will make use of a chemical agent that is highly reactive. This particular process of teeth whitening is the most effective choice at present and is also quite popular out there. The dentist will perform this treatment within only 30 minutes or so, much to the convenience of the patient. However, it might take more time in case there is more deposition.


We like to conclude this article by asserting that you should consider visiting the Dental Clinic in Whitefield at the earliest in case you are suffering from stained yellow teeth. This clinic has already helped lots of patients over the years and you should also be one of them.

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