What are Dental Implants and how important is it to replace the teeth?

Dental implant

It is important to understand the importance of replacing the tooth. Most of the patients ask the question of ‘What is a dental implant?’ The dental implant is strong and thin. It has a titanium alloy screw which is used with a surgical procedure in which either there is replacing missing natural teeth or damaged teeth.

The dental implant is drilled into the jawbone which makes the screw firm and artificial teeth are connected. Another dental prosthesis to the jaw can be used. If you are facing a problem then you need to consult the best dentist at our dental clinic in Whitefield.


Replacing the damaged or broken teeth

Dental implants are considered important to replace missing or broken teeth. The implants are considered beneficial as they support the loose and removable dentures. Let’s understand the reasons why replacing the missing tooth or damaged teeth is important:

  • It might be superficial at first for the person who has all their teeth. It is true, if a person has a single missing tooth or damaged tooth it can lead to great emotional stress on the person. Additionally, we all are concerned about our appearance. If a person has missing teeth it can affect their self-confidence greatly.
  • It is possible that if a person has a missing tooth it can lead to depression and affect their self-confidence. Also, it can affect their personal and work life. Getting dental implants is going to increase your confidence. Moreover, the person is not able to tell if it is their replaced tooth or if it is the natural teeth. In simple terms, undergoing the procedure of dental implants will make your physical appearance better and it will improve right away.


Oral Health importance

If you have a lost tooth, it is going to affect the dental structure greatly. The gap between the teeth makes other teeth tilt and it can shift from their position. Due to this issue, the person’s normal chewing ability is affected greatly.

If you do not pay attention to this problem, then it leads to further oral issues. The chewing ability of the person is affected if important is not given to oral health. If you are facing a problem then you must consult the dentist on time.


Comfort is extremely important

If your dental structure is not affected in the past then you won’t know how it feels to have missing teeth. If you are experiencing an issue, then make sure to consult the dentist on time. It is not at all comfortable for the person to have missing teeth. You might not be able to enjoy your favorite food. Chewing ability is an important part of your life, and consulting the dentist on time will make your oral health better.


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