What are Loose Teeth? Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

When you brush, floss and eat, you notice your tooth feels off and wiggly. Losing teeth is the process of teeth separating the gum and bone. When you lose your teeth, you suffer conditions such as swelling gum, blood in gum, and gum recession. Losing teeth in childhood is a common condition. They regrow in time. 

Loose teeth in children 

When your child is 6 years old, then he loses your teeth. It is a common condition at that age. It is called an incisor. He will continuously lose teeth in a few years. When he grows in 12 years, it becomes a new and permanent tooth. 

Sometimes, your child loses baby teeth early by accident and decay conditions. It is a cause of issues with permanent teeth erupting. In that condition, you go to the dentist. They provide you with all information regarding dental problems. 

Loose teeth in adult

If you are an adult, you suffer from losing teeth and go to the dentist. This condition occurs if your teeth lose the support and slowly separate from the bone. Eating, chewing and touching worsen the issue.

Symptoms of loose teeth

There are some symptoms of losing the teeth, such as  

  • Swelling gum
  • Redness
  • Bleeding gum 

If you are suffering from those symptoms, then you contact a Dentist and make an appointment to find the causes of these conditions. Bleeding in the gum is not a normal condition. It can cause a lack of vitamins in your body. 


Teeth grinding 

When you put pressure on your jaw in that condition, grinding your teeth is the cause of losing the teeth. 

Gum disease 

You know, when you have gum disease in that condition, you lose your teeth. Gum disease occurs when you do not properly hygiene  your teeth, such as if you don’t brush and floss on your teeth daily, then you suffer gum disease. That is the primary reason you lose your teeth in adulthood.

If you want to know the causes of losing your teeth, you go to the dentist’s clinic. They find the causes of losing the teeth. It is the best way to know about your teeth. 

How can you prevent loose teeth?

If you want healthy oral, then you care for your gum daily. Plague is not a cause of tooth loss, but gum can be. If plague has teeth and gum lines, they create many diseases, such as inflammation, gum infection, and gingivitis if you want oral care 

  • Floss your teeth daily for one time.
  • Brush your teeth daily, 2 times in the morning and before bed. 
  • Use an effective toothpaste to help clean your teeth.
  • Do not pressure your teeth; take a soft bristles brush when you put hard pressure on the teeth. That is the cause of losing teeth. 


When the dentist identifies you have gum disease, then the doctor recommends some surgery such as

Flap surgery 

In this surgery, the dentist reattached gum tissues. In which surgeons create an incision in your gums to perform scaling and root plans. 


If you grind your teeth while sleeping, the dentist applies protective barriers between the gum of the lower and upper teeth. 


If your teeth do not lose your gum, the dentist uses splinting surgery to give support, and you can not lose the teeth. The surgeon used a metal piece and set the neighbor’s teeth.

Bone grafting  

In which teeth surgeons take bone from other body parts and replace it with the mouth bone. Using bone grafting material and helping to repair disease bones in the mouth. This surgery helps to support your teeth. 

Who treats the loose tooth problem?

If you suffer from a dental problem, then the dentist finds the causes of the problem after treating the issue. They refer you to a periodontist specializing in dental care if you have a major dental issue. In other words, dentists help clean your teeth to avoid diseases and maintain oral health. Dental Implant Surgery is your best option if you lose your teeth in adulthood.

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