What are the first aid steps you need to follow for knocked-out teeth?

First Aid For Knocked Out Teeth

Mouth injuries or accidents are enough to knock the teeth. If your child loves to play outdoors, then you may have come across this situation. If you have not, then you must be aware of this dental emergency and what necessary steps you need to take. If the entire tooth is knocked out then it is considered the teeth are pulled away. In dental terms, it is referred to as avulsed. If you are facing this situation, then you must seek immediate treatment by consulting the dental clinic in Whitefield. For the avulsed tooth you must take preventive measures on time. You must make a quick decision and it should be taken within 30 minutes as it allows you to save your tooth.


What you can do in case of a knocked-out tooth?

  • Find the tooth


Primary tooth

If you are looking for first aid for baby teeth then clean gauze with the gum and socket for around 15 minutes as it helps to control the bleeding. However, this tooth is not going to be implanted again once it is knocked off. This is because it will create problems for the permanent tooth to develop correctly.

Make sure that you take your child to consult the dentist to check if the tooth was ready to fall out soon.


Permanent tooth

You need to apply the clean gauze and then make sure to continue doing the following steps which are mentioned below.


  • Do not touch

You should not touch or scrub the teeth as it will affect the working of treatment.


  • Store the tooth correctly

The ideal way to transport the teeth is to keep them in a socket. Let it come into its normal stage gently. Even if it comes out slightly do not worry. You should bite down on gauze or moistened tea bag so that the tooth remains in its place. While you are moving you should hold the tooth in the socket with the fingers. If you are an adult or older child then you can keep the tooth in between the gums and the cheeks. Just be careful while doing it you do not swallow it.

If the child is anxious to put it in the place then you can place it in the milk. If milk is not available then you can use tap water or a non-prescription product.

*You should never put the tooth in alcohol, saltwater, or mouthwash. All these things can affect the teeth to a great extent.


  • Talk to the dentist right away

Make sure that you consult the dentist right away to know how to take care of the teeth. If you cannot get hold of the dentist then go to the emergency room. Make sure that you take your tooth along with you.


If you are not able to find the knocked-out tooth, then you must consult the dentist as early as possible. Whether it is milk teeth or permanent teeth, it can be pushed into the gums, and then it will be repositioned by the dentist.

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