What are the necessary steps performed during teeth cleaning dental visits?


In most cases, people fear that getting teeth cleaning will result in pain and unwanted discomfort. Although, your visit to the dental clinic in Whitefield will not result in any such thing as it is simple and painless. If you are planning to get one then it is important that you are aware of it and this allows you to prepare for it without any stress.

Teeth cleaning procedure

Physical Examination

First of all, the dentist will perform a physical examination to check the entire mouth. The dental hygienist will use the mirror to check the gums and teeth. Doing so will help to notice any unwanted signs of an oral problem like gums inflammation. In case any problem is found then accordingly the dentist will prepare the treatment so that the problem does not increase further.

Plaque and tartar removal

Along with a small mirror, the dental hygienist will use a scaler to remove plaque and tartar buildup on the teeth and the gum line. The sound of scraping is normal during this procedure. In case the tartar is in excess, then it will take longer to remove it effectively. So you must keep your calm during the treatment.

Make sure that you brush and floss daily so that both these problems are not faced by you. This way the teeth cleaning procedure will not fear you.

Toothpaste cleaning

Once the tartar is removed, the doctor will use the high-powered electric brush and during this, you will hear a grinding noise. Through this, the tartar build-up is removed effectively from the teeth.

During teeth cleaning, the toothpaste is used to taste and smells like your regular toothpaste. Although, its gritty consistency helps to scrub the teeth. You need to get your teeth polished at least 2 times a year.

Make sure that you follow the right approach to brushing and you should never do it hardly. If you try to do so, it affects the enamel.

Expert flossing

You might do flossing daily, but the way professionals do you cannot do it at home. They floss deep between the teeth and they will even point out the problematic areas which can result in bleeding. This is true that the way professionals can do teeth cleaning will give you the best results.


Once, everything is done you need to rinse the mouth to take out all the debris. The rinse needs to be done with liquid fluoride.

Applying fluoride treatment

Lastly, the fluoride treatment is done which acts as a protective layer and stops the formation of cavities for months. The foamy gel is placed over the teeth with the mouthpiece and you need to keep it for around 60 seconds.

Final thought

If you have not visited the doctor for teeth cleaning in a long time, then you need to get one as early as possible. Most importantly, you need to get it 2 times a year. Contact our dentist for further information.

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