What are the steps involved in professional teeth whitening treatment?

Teeth Whitening Treatment

With teeth whitening, your smile gets much better, and it allows you to glow with confidence. Being one of the important dental treatments, it’s important that you visit the best Dental clinic in Bangalore to seek the steps with precision. Additionally, going through the procedures under the supervision of a skilled dentist ensures to perform the treatment is accurate and that chances of any error or problems won’t be there.

6 steps for teeth whitening treatment

Step 1: Through dental examination

When you plan to undergo Teeth Whitening in Bangalore, the dentist performs the dental examination and checks your oral health effectively. Doing so allows us to seek treatment in the appropriate manner. The doctor will identify the problem effectively and see which type of shade your teeth require after the whitening.

Step 2: Proper oral cleaning

Then comes the oral cleaning to ensure there is no issue in the oral cavity. It’s important to disinfect the area by sterilizing the same. This small and vital step plays a vital role in boosting the overall success rate of the teeth whitening treatment and provides effective results.

Step 3: Ensuring the right measures for lip and gum protection

The teeth whitening substance is known to damage the lips and gums; therefore, it’s essential to protect the same for the entire procedure. Through the use of the right tools, the entire area is protected. It’s like creating the right barrier against the same and giving the right protection to the gums.

Step 4: Proper application of whiteners on teeth

Once the initial preparation steps are done, the dentist applies the whiteners on the teeth. One of the major considerations is to focus on the teeth shade and then everything adjusted accordingly.

Step 5: Carry out the laser whitening treatment

Once the initial preparation is done, the dentist performs the laser whitening to provide the desired and appropriate results. During the entire procedure, you need to wear goggles so that the laser does not come in contact with the eyes. As the laser is put on the teeth, it allows the stain pigments to go down over time. The total time required for the treatment is between 10 to 20 minutes based on the type of whitener selected.

Step 6: After treatment, cleaning for better results

Once the procedure is done, the doctor will tell you to clean your mouth with plain water. If the desired results are not obtained, then you need to get it done at least 2 to 3 times. Although, the right color takes at least a few days to show. Therefore, the dentist will suggest to you better what necessary steps you should take. Just make sure in the given time period, you take proper measures and don’t neglect the necessary aftercare regime.


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