What is a dental implant and how much time does the treatment take?

What is a dental implant?

If you are also facing any dental problem such as tooth decay, erosion, loss of the tooth then you need to consult a dental clinic in Whitefield immediately. People usually neglect their dental problem until they become severe one. Instead of meeting a dentist when there is a need. A person should visit the dental clinic regularly.

  • Timescales

Before replacing teeth or fitting the teeth the dentist leaves the gum to heal properly so that he can do the procedure easily. It takes 6 weeks to 6 months for a dental implant to heal properly. The upper jaw takes extra time to heal because the upper jawbone is softer than the lower one. The person needs to visit the dentist from time to time so that the dentist will check whether it is healing properly or not.

  • Same-day implant and restoration

A patient needs a same-day implant or immediate restoration is when dentures, bridge or crown is fitted on top of the dental implant which means you will be getting the teeth replacement on the same day. After a few hours later some implants are fitted. Patients need to follow the instructions of the dentist religiously for better results. Some patients are not a good candidate for an immediate restoration. The patient should discuss everything with their dentist.

  • Bone grafting

A patient needs bone grafting when a patient is not having enough bone to support implant that time dentist pieces of advice for bone grafting which increases the duration of the treatment. Sometimes the patient needs bone grafting due to the gap in the teeth after tooth loss. In this stage, the dentist advises the patient resorption shrinkage. Minor bone grafting can take place during implant replacement. Depending upon the situation of the patient it might need a separate stage. For that, you need four to six months for proper healing of the bone.

  • PRGF

To increase the speed of the recovery some dentists use plasma rich growth factors. With the help of your blood, the dentist will regenerate the bone. The centrifuge machine and spun is used where your dentist will keep you some amount of blood to segregate the proteins. Then the dentist will put where it is necessary. You will be amazed to know that it is beneficial for accelerating the body’s natural repair that is why it is good for the post-surgery healing process.

Are implants worth the wait?

It is a two-way process which varies between six weeks to six months. It is beneficial for the person who is facing dental problems and is hiding their smile from everyone. It will make your teeth look natural and help your teeth in staying healthy.


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