What is Dental Plaque and its Causes?

Dental plaque is referred to colorless, sticky, or pale yellow film which starts forming on the teeth. When fluids, food, and saliva combine plaque which has bacteria and these forms between the teeth and around the gun line. In this topic, we are going to tell about dental plaque and the reasons behind it.

Every day on the teeth sticky film is formed which is called buildup of plaque. When you wake up in the morning you will feel fuzzy and slippery coating. When you do not brush properly the plaque won’t be removed and with time it can harden into a yellow or off-white substance known as tartar.

What are the reasons behind the plaque?

  • The mouth is a thriving ecosystem when you eat, drink or breathe the organisms and bacteria come in. But in some cases, the bacteria can rise in the mouth.
  • In case, the problem is not solving or increasing then you should seek the help of the best dentist to get the right treatment plan.
  • There are certain foods like sugary food, carbs, and drinks that can start producing acids in the food.
  • The acids can increase the issue of gingivitis, cavities, and different other forms of tooth decay.
  • Tooth decay due to plaque can also occur in the gums where you are not able to see it. This is why the teeth will get eaten away which supports the teeth.

Diagnosing the problem

In most cases, the problem results in pale yellow or plaque are colorless. When you visit the dental clinic the doctor will spot plaque on the teeth which the help of a small mirror by doing an oral examination.

Treatment option for Plaque

  • With proper brushing and flossing the plaque will be removed with a soft-bristled toothbrush. In some cases, the doctor can also suggest using an electric toothbrush as they also are effective in getting rid of plaque.
  • One of the research has shown that the use of baking soda is very effective in reducing plaque.
  • The plaque gets turned into tartar which the dental professionals will remove. Along with that, they will help you get proper dental checkup and cleaning so that the problem is prevented.
  • The tartar can build-up in difficult to reach areas, so make sure you visit the doctor at least 2 times a year to prevent any dental related issue.

Way to prevent the plaque

Good oral hygiene is very important to make your teeth and gums strong. Make sure that you brush the teeth 2 times a day. Along with that, you should floss the teeth properly to remove the buildup of plaque.

Want to know more about the best dental procedure to solve the problem then schedule an appointment with the doctor today only.

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