What is plaque and its prevention?

Plaque is referred to as a colorless film of bacteria and sticky in nature which forms on the teeth surface. Due to this, the teeth start feeling fuzzy when touched with the tongue. The problem is noticeable when the dental regime is not proper. This guide will help you understand this and prevention method for the same.

Plaque is a sticky, colorless, and soft deposits that form on the teeth and gums. People do not know that this attacks gums and teeth with the acid produced from the bacteria in the mouth. The bacteria is from the beverages and food you eat. Not just the teeth or gums get affected by acid it also includes tooth enamel. Due to this, it causes tooth sensitivity and different levels of tooth decay can occur. Moreover, this issue is also responsible for bad breath and gum disease.

Well, you must choose the best dentist to get your teeth checked regularly. They will address if there is any problem and this way at the right time, the problem is prevented. If you encounter any such issue then visit the dental clinic right away.

How is Plaque formed?

  • In the mouth, various chemical reactions take place which forms plaque. The formation of plaque is contributed by carbohydrates, food particles, saliva, and bacteria. Moreover, if you eat sugar with a high content of sugar like cookies, candies, and soda then also the problem is caused. When the intake of these food items is in excess then carbohydrates presence is increased which means a higher level of plaque.
  • Acid is formed when the naturally occurring bacteria get combined with carbohydrates. Due to this acid, the outer layer of enamel is affected. After that, the acid forms the saliva and the leftover food particles get formed into hard and sticky substances. The plaque is stuck with teeth surface which can also trigger various dental issues like cavities.

Ways to prevent plaque

  • Plaque is controlled by flossing and brushing daily. Along with that, you should get the teeth cleaned by the doctor.
  • By brushing the plaque loosen and removed which is built up around the teeth.
  • By flossing the food particles and debris are removed which is stuck between the teeth. With a proper dental care regime, the bacteria is removed which helps in reducing the plaque formation around the teeth.
  • Reduce the intake of carbohydrates and sugar daily. No doubt it is impossible to eliminate them from your diet. Plaque is formed in the mouth which is hard to reach. When it is not removed daily then it can get hard into a substance which is known as calculus or tartar.

If you are going through any dental issue then make sure you consult the doctor right to get the best treatment plan.

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