When Is A Root Canal Needed?

Dental treatments are designed for those who are suffering from certain conditions. If you have cracked teeth, a deep cavity or any other dental problem, you may need to go through RCT. That is known as root canal treatment, here in this guide you will learn how it works and why we need it.

Dental health problems are common these days not only in children but adults also experience them. If you are also suffering from the dental problem then must visit our dental clinic. Our dentist has vast knowledge about every dental problem, he will examine you first and then tell you which type of treatment you need. If you have a severe problem, then he may suggest you RCT.

What is RCT?

RCT is known as Root Canal Treatment, which is usually taken by those who have a chronic or deep cavity. In this process, our specialist first cleans your teeth and then starts the next process. Well, root canals are additionally known as endodontic therapy, that is designed to treat infected and inflamed nerve or pulp of the tooth. This happens due to dental decay, a cracked or broken tooth because of an injury. So, only your specialist can tell you whether you need RCT or not, if he says yes you need to go through a root canal, then you must go through this treatment.

Symptoms why you need RCT.

The most important sign is tooth pain, which depicts when you need to undergo a root canal. You may suffer from mild or severe pain, or it varies during the eating time or you may not experience so much pain in a day but suffer from chronic pain at night. So, in this case, you must talk to your doctor, he will first give you medications and only then tell you at what time you need this treatment.

First Steps

If you are suffering from severe pain, come directly to us, our staff members or other specialist recommend you emergency care if they find your condition more chronic. In the meantime, you must apply an ice pack, which is helpful to reg rid of pain, swelling, and some other type of symptoms.

Then he will examine your condition through X-rays. And then go with the right treatment according to your condition. Many people claim that RCT procedure is too painful, well, this is a little painful because of a deep cavity or broken teeth. However, the doctor will give you anesthesia so that you cannot experience pain and discomfort during the treatment. He will also prescribe you certain painkillers if you experience pain, swelling, and tenderness after the treatment. But don’t worry this is the safe and secure procedure to treat your dental problems.

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