Which are the types of dental fillings? Which filling type best suits my teeth?

Did you know?

There would be nearly 90% of the adults who have had at least one cavity in their entire lifetime.

If you have recently visited a dentist in Whitefield and have discovered that you have a cavity in your mouth and you need to get your teeth filled up, then we are going to present the required information for you.

Which tooth filling will suit my teeth the best?

  • Amalgam Tooth Fillings

Dental patients usually opt up for this filling and so it is the most commonly used dental filling. This filing is highly durable and can endure all the chewing pressure for more than a decade. The most benefitting point which you need to know is that these come in your pocket-friendly range.

  • Tooth-Coloured Composite Fillings

If you want the filling to get an exact match of the rest of your teeth, then composite fillings are the best possible choice for that. We have observed so many patients who have an amalgam filling, but soon they consider get it replaced with composite fillings. These are considered the best option for filling since these easily get effectively attached to the tooth structure with the help of the chemicals.

  • Gold Tooth Fillings

This is one of the luxurious materials that is used in the fillings. It is advantageous as well since it provides the ultimate strength and durability. As far as the long-lasting and aesthetic features are concerned, this filing is great and the best. But there is one disadvantage to that and that is: ‘Extreme Costs’

The cost of the gold fillings can be estimated by merely hearing the name of the gold. The cost of the gold filling can easily be figured out by multiplying the cost of the gold fillings by 10.

  • Ceramics

These filings are less common than other kinds of fillings. These tooth fillings are made with porcelain material. It is the long-lasting variety of dental filling that can serve the patient for good 15 years

  • Glass Ionomer Tooth Fillings

These kinds of fillings are made up of acrylic and glass. This filling is best suited when the following purposes are to be satisfied:

The filling is to be done before the gumline

Fluoride is to be released timely

Which dental filling should I go for?

Only that dental filling will be best for you, which your dentist suggests you opt up for. The dentists always suggest you with the right option based on the following:

  • Previous and Current Dental History
  • Overall Oral health
  • Aesthetic Goals

Here you are required to keep up with the dental checkups and examinations so that your dentist keeps on regularly monitoring if there is a particular sign of decay.

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