Why Am I Suffering from Sensitive Teeth?

Tooth sensitivity is one problem which people of different age group suffer from which can be seen in both men and women. It is essential that you seek the help of the doctor as they can tell you the best way to solve the condition. In this guide, we will share why actually a person suffer from sensitive teeth.

Every day we see many advertisements about the awareness for tooth sensitivity and doctors refer this to as dentin hypersensitivity.

In India, toothache and inflammation are the most common dental problem many people face. Also, it affects people of different age group which includes both male and female.

What is the sensitivity of teeth?

The sensitivity of teeth is a problem which results in sudden sharp and shooting pain when the teeth are exposed to external stimuli. The external stimuli have chemical, thermal, tactile, evaporative, and osmotic.

The pain actually occurs when the tooth is exposed to food & fluid which are hot and cold, the food which citrus content, sugary food, hot and cold vapor. When a person eats this food can experience pain from mild to sharp & it also results in discomfort.

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What are the causes of sensitive teeth?

People who have healthy teeth, their inner layer dentin is not exposed. This is because, the external layer act as a protective layer which actually covers the teeth inner part from acidic, hot food, and bacteria.

Well, the strongest layer is the enamel, but with time it gets exposed to various conditions which erode it and this is the reason the inner layer gets exposed.

Why the enamel layer is affected?

  • Brushing vigorously

Many people think that if they brush too hard then it will make their teeth white and clean. But, the truth is that it gives negative results. It can actually result in inflammation of gums, injury to the gums, erosion of enamel, abrasion, and receding gums.

  • Gum Disease

Gum disease can result in sensitive teeth. The problem actually increases because of bad dental hygiene and bacterial infection. When the problem increases it can result in sensitivity of teeth, receding gums, and sores in the mouth.

  • Cracked tooth

A cracked tooth can also result in tooth sensitivity as the inner layer is exposed to tooth dentin. Due to injury or trauma tooth sensitivity is caused.

How the problem can be treated?

  • Brush the teeth in a circular motion
  • Brush after 20 minutes of eating the dinner
  • Use a brush with a soft bristle
  • Do not have acidic food

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