Why bleeding gum is not normal

You could be one of those people who take bleeding gums lightly but it will be the biggest blunder of your life. If you experience bleeding in the gums even in a slight amount after brushing or flossing, then don’t take it lightly. It is just not normal and should not be ignored as a symptom. It is a pointer to book an appointment with your dentist.

What Bleeding Gums Mean 

Bleeding gums could be due to a variety of reasons. We will discuss the main reasons behind the condition:

A harsh brushing routine: According to our experts at the dental clinic, it could mean that either your brush or your technique of brushing is too harsh.  Avoid aggressive brushing by using a soft-bristled brush and implementing a gentler brushing technique. It will clean your teeth without damaging your gums.

Gum Disease

If your technique and brush are alright but you still experience bleeding gums then the cause might be an infection. Poor oral hygiene and a build-up of bacteria in the mouth can lead to infection. Inflammation caused by these bacteria pulls the gums away from teeth, which leads to the opening of wounds and the creation of pockets. The pockets are formed between the gums and the teeth which also become filled with bacteria. These pockets can pose trouble in keeping clean. If the condition continues without any treatment, you can risk losing your teeth.

Not only that, the mouth bacteria can get into the bloodstream which can affect your general health. It is known to trigger heart disease and diabetes. In case you already have health problems, the gum disease could worsen them.

Seeking help 

The primary step is to ensure that your mouth is free of bacteria. Oral hygiene treatments can help but in case you have deep pockets then they can be deep cleaned through scaling and root planing. These procedures are more intensive than normal cleaning and can be very effective at cleaning out gum pockets and exposed root surfaces. After this procedure, you will experience tightening of the gums and they will fit more snugly around the teeth. In case your periodontal disease has advanced to a more complex level, then you will require need more specialized treatments. You will require treatment for severe periodontitis which will consist of regular periodontal therapy.

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