Why Calcium is necessary to keep teeth healthy and strong all the time?

Think of the bone of the jaw as the anchor holding up your teeth. You can feel the teeth loosening if the bone of the jaw is weakened. So what will happen to missing teeth? Then what will happen! Women are three times more likely to lose their teeth owing to osteoporosis in particular. People with healthy bones have healthy teeth more likely.

Calcium plays a significant part in keeping the teeth solid, strong, and healthy. 

The richest element in the body is calcium. Not everyone needs the same amount of calcium, as is generally believed. But calcium should be absorbed by all. Regardless of age. Sadly, the required volume of calcium is not obtained by many individuals. Based on your age, we prescribe this calcium intake every day. Everybody, though, has different needs.

  • Babies 0-12 Months require almost 200mg to 260mg
  • Children 1-3 Years needs 700mg of calcium daily
  • Children 4-8 Years require everyday 1,000mg calcium
  • 13,00mg is an essential amount of calcium for Children & Teens 9-18 Years old.
  • Adults 19-71 Years require 1,000mg of calcium every day
  • Adults who are above 70, need 1,200mg of calcium daily.

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Calcium and teeth are the good connections

Enamel in teeth is made primarily of hydroxyapatite called calcium phosphate molecules. This enamel renders the body ‘s strongest material. Our doctors are shocked that enamel, like teeth, is the hardest material in the body. Enamel is the protection shielding the teeth from certain elements.

Since calcium consists of hydroxyapatite, you can see why your enamel should be preserved. In fact, following an acid attack, hydroxyapatite is likely to be fixed. The more calcium you consume, the more robust your teeth would be when you drink a soda.

Which does happen with the deficiency of calcium in the tooth’s enamel?

In the past few days, several patients with hypo calcification have died across the world. It is a disorder that occurs with the loss of calcium in enamel. So soon as the enamel always protects the surface of the tooth, it gets softer and thinner.

Visiting our dentist will help you by an operation to improve the teeth, whether you suffer from hypo calcification. We will provide you with fluoride so that you manage the discoloration. We may have to crown your hypocalcified tooth. Our dentists also advise you to adjust your diet.

Calcium-rich diet

You have to go with the below-mentioned foods because these are rich in calcium.

Beneficial foods Harmful food products
Milk, yogurt, Brussels sprouts, cheese, salmon, dried beans, and broccoli are rich in calcium. Avoid consuming high-fat, fried foods, and too starchy food items.


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