Why is tooth Enamel Important?

Enamel is the primary layer of the tooth that meets the eye. It constitutes a layer made up of crystalline calcium phosphate. It has a soft beige color and translucent appearance. However, it is prone to many problems. To counter them, you must go for a regular dental check-up. Consult a dentist if you have any problem with your teeth. He will take proper dental care of your teeth.

What is demineralization?

It is the loss of structure of the enamel. The common reason of demineralization is erosion and abrasion of the enamel. It could occur due to various reasons 

What is erosion?

Enamel wears out in many cases and may get completely lost in the process. Erosion is the eventual loss of enamel. It is typically caused by the acid found in food and beverages.

What is abrasion?

Abrasion refers to the wearing out of the enamel through the mechanical source. It may be caused due to excessive use of abrasive toothpaste.

There are three main types of common enamel abrasion-

Mild abrasion: It is mild so much so that it is unnoticeable. It is characterized by the thinning of the enamel layer. It can be detected by the dentist during a regular check-up.

Moderate Abrasion: The mild abrasion graduates to moderate if mild abrasion is left untreated.

Severe Abrasion: Severe abrasion could end as deep grooves on the teeth. It leaves the teeth much weaker. Once the dentin is destructed, it becomes easier for the bacteria to enter the tooth, which leads to decay and infection.



Sensitivity to extreme temperature –People have sensitivity to cold or hot temperatures. Consuming extremely hot or cold drinks can cause very strange and painful sensations.

Sensitivity on a chronic level –teeth sensitivity can become chronic with time. It may occur without any reason or on any day.

Tooth fracture-People with enamel abrasion are more prone to suffer a fracture of the tooth.

Tooth loss-People with enamel abrasion are prone to tooth loss.

Fluoride’s Effect on Enamel

Fluoride proves to be effective in treating these conditions as it helps in re-mineralizing and strengthening the enamel. However, fluoride must be used along with other dental care techniques such as brushing and flossing. In the end, it is the dental care which we take, the deciding factor of our dental health. So don’t ignore your precious 32 at any cost.

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