You Need to Know Cavities, Causes & Treatment

Most of us have heard of cavities. Those tiny holes in your teeth can cause major problems. But what are cavities specifically, and why should we worry about them? To help you better understand and avoid cavities. We will break down cavities in clear, straightforward terms in this blog. 

What is cavity 

Cavities are often known as tooth decay. These conditions are holes or damaged areas in your teeth. Cavities happen when the hard outer layers (enamel) of your teeth get damaged by harmful acids. Dangerous bacteria make those acids in the mouth. The sugars and carbohydrates left on your teeth after eating feed these bacteria. 


Plaque formation

After eating, the sticky coating in your teeth is called plaque. This plaque holds bacteria. 

Acid attack 

When you eat carbohydrates and sugary foods, bacteria feed on these particles, which hold a plaque. Bacteria produce acids. These harmful acids can occur in your tooth enamel. 

Enamel damage

Acids weaken the hard outer layer of the teeth. And create small holes, which are the initial cavities. 

Cavity growth

If you do not treat the cavity teeth, then it grows larger and deeper. It also affects the inside layer of your tooth.



If you have a toothache, especially when you eat hot/cold and sweet foods. It can be a sign of cavities. 


When you take hot, cold, and sweet foods, you feel sensitive. It can be a symptom of enamel damage. 

Visible holes

If you see small holes in the area of your teeth. 

Tooth discoloration 

Your teeth can get dark and white patches as a result of cavities. 

Bad breath

Cavities bacteria can produce foul-smelling gasses that can cause bad breath. 

Preventing cavities 

Daily brush 

You can brush your teeth at least two times a day. It helps to remove the plaque and offers strength to your enamel. 

Floss daily

When you eat food, some particles leave in between the teeth. It creates cavities. Use dental floss to remove the particles between the teeth where the brush can not reach.  

Limit sugary food 

You can take less sugary and starchy drinks and food. It creates more chances of having cavities. 

Regular check-ups

You can go to the dentist for regular checkups and cleaning. Also, they earlier catch cavity problems. They provide an efficient treatment. 

Fluoride treatment 

When you take fluoride treatments from your dentist, this treatment helps to provide strength to your tooth enamel. 


Your molar’s grooves and crevices can be covered by microorganisms by dental sealants. 

Diagnose and treatment 

When you go to the dental clinic twice for your teeth, the doctor diagnoses the problem and offers treatment early. It is the way to know the dental problem and improve your dental health. Here is some treatment when you have cavities on your teeth


It is the most simple cavity treatment. In which the dentist removes the damaged portion of the tooth. And they fill the cavity with tooth-colored material.  


Dentists use crown treatment when your teeth get large cavities. This treatment covers the teeth and protects the whole teeth.  

Root canal

This treatment is used when cavities reach your tooth’s pulp. 


In some cases, when your teeth are badly damaged, that time must be removed. 

Cavities are typical dental problems. It can reduce the issues of adopting a healthy diet and hygiene. Regular dental checkups prevent any dental issues. It also helps to keep your smile brighter. If you have a toothache when you eat hot and cold food, then you go to the dentist in Bangalore at Smile Zone.  They provide treatment and help to improve your oral health.  

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