How Can Children’s Oral Habits Affect Their Permanent Teeth?

Giving importance to the child’s oral health is an essential point that the parents should never neglect right from the time they are born. It is a fact that when the baby’s teeth get replaced with permanent teeth, it still plays an essential role in the child’s oral hygiene. You should keep your children’s teeth healthy as they are the foundation of permanent teeth. Compromising such a necessary health factor could deteriorate the overall teeth of the children. There are many things that you must take care of from the very beginning of the child’s teeth journey as a parent.

According to WHO (World Health Organization) and the best dental clinic in Whitefield, almost 530 million or more children suffer from some sort of dental health condition of primary teeth (also known as milk teeth). One Of the leading causes of such issues is the ignorance of the parents of their child’s oral health. Parents often believe that the permanent teeth will replace the milk teeth so there would be no use in keeping up with their health. But on the contrary, it is not the fact. If you want your child to have complication-free, permanent teeth, it is necessary to take care of the child’s oral health seriously from the onset with no delay. The baby teeth or milk teeth significantly impact the development of the permanent teeth plus the overall dental health.

In this blog, we are going to learn how different sets of oral habits of a child impact their permanent teeth growth. And how the parents of the child can take care of their child’s oral hygiene from the very beginning. 

How Do Child Oral Habits Affect The Permanent Teeth?

  • Early childhood caries

Early childhood caries or nursing bottle caries, as the baby feeds on any sweet drinks or milk. When the mother is breastfeeding the child, the infant, in most cases, sleeps instantly with milk in their mouth which is not healthy and can pose a risk for caries or tooth decay as they grow older. This is the reason why when the teeth of the children get decayed or damaged; they become a barrier to the proper positioning of the permanent teeth. Apart from that, they can also lead to infection in the mouth with crooked permanent teeth. 

  • Sucking of thumb

Most of the time, people find that attribute in children to be endeavouring and Adorable. It could be harmful too in some situations. It is a fact that sucking your thumb or any toys is pretty standard for infants, but if they continue to make this habit even after they cross the age of 5, then it might hamper the appearance and the alignment of the permanent teeth (as it grows after the child is 5). Apart from that, the child could also face some issues in the upper and lower alignment of the jaw. They might also find it challenging to speak or pronounce some words. 

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