Dental Implants and the factors that help to determine the average cost

When the toothaches, it is the worst of all. Maybe it is because of severe tooth decay or any other reason. No matter whatever the reason for your toothache is, you should not neglect to visit a reputed and proficient dentist as soon as the aching comes into existence. As per the experienced dentists of the dental clinic in Whitefield, ‘’Whether the pain emerges or not, one should still consult the dentist once in three months.’ The severe cases in which the need arises to take up the option of dental implants come into existence because of the negligence of the people to visit the dentists. Still, if you have faced any of the dental problems which can be treated with the use of dental implants, then you must know the cost of the dental implants.

Factors that affect the cost of dental implants

  • Kind of the implant

As we all know that there are different kinds of dental implants available in the market. But the most commonly preferred by the doctors are the knees which are made up of titanium. But still many people like to make the implants build-up of the alloys of gold and silver and some prefer to make them with stainless steel. So it thoroughly depends on the choice of the material that will be the average cost that will be incurred to take up the treatment of dental implants.

  • How many implants are being used?

The final cost will be dependent on the number of implants that will be used. If one will be used then the cost will be less as compared with the treatment which aims at installing two dental implants. Naturally, the cost will be doubled.

  • The requirement to carry out bone augmentation

As we know that all the cases of dental implants are not some owing to the structure of the jaw bone. The bone of some patients is of the normal structure while others are quintessentially thin which is deemed as ineligible to plunge a dental implant. In those cases, the experienced and proficient dental surgeons of dental white clinic aim at augmenting the jaw bone by carrying out the following surgical procedures:

  • Sinus graft

  • Nerve repositioning

  • ECT

In those cases, additional charges will be incurred.

  • Type of the crown

The type of crown which will be accompanied by the implant will also help to determine the cost. Because the cost of different kinds of crowns varies. We do know that the cost of the porcelain crown is much more affordable as compared to the Procera crowns.

  • Which abutment is used?

The use of any of the following abutment will cost you accordingly:

  • Zirconium

  • Esthetic

  • Angulated

  • Anaesthesia and admission cost

If anaesthesia is used, the cost to carry out the procedure will be considerably more as compared to the outpatient procedure which is performed under local anaesthesia.

  • Corrective surgery

If the patient takes into account undergoing any of the corrective surgery post implantation procedures, then extra charges will be incurred.


We also want to mention that the cost of the dental implant varies from clinic to clinic depending upon the experience of the surgeon and the location of the clinic.

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