Frequently Asked Questions About Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is explained as non-surgical treatment of cracked and infected tooth. You should visit the dentist for a regular check-up once a month. He will tell whether you need this treatment or not. There are some common questions people generally ask their dentist before getting treatment.

Various FAQs about the root canal treatment

What is a root canal and why does an individual need this?

A root canal is additionally known as Endodontic explained as treatment of infected and cracked tooth. It is basically performed to treat inside of the tooth. In addition, this treatment is usually done when your pulp becomes infected and inflamed because it harms your tooth badly. These types of infections include faulty crowns, deep decay, and crack in the tooth. Moreover, the untreated infected pulp can lead you to severe pain and other serious health conditions. In this, you need to get a root canal procedure with the goal to reduce the risk of serious problems.

What are the various symptoms that ensure you need a root canal?

There are some signs of this problem such as sensitivity to heat and cold, tenderness in tooth, bone, and gums, and severe pain in the tooth. Moreover, you do not encounter any sign of this condition, you have to get proper dentist routine check-up in order to understand the condition of your tooth.

How the procedure is performed?

At the beginning of the process, your dentist will give you the local anesthesia you that you cannot experience any type of pain and discomfort. After that, your infected or inflamed tissues will be removed from the tooth. Then, your dentist will clean your tooth and afterward seal it with a temporary filling. Moreover, this process takes many sitting, because this procedure cannot be done in one sitting. After 2 days you have to visit your doctor again in order to get permanent filling and crown.

Is there any alternative option for a root canal?

Yes, there are some alternatives to root canal but they do not give you relief. If you don’t want to get this therapy then your doctor will extract your infected tooth. The other one is untreated the infected tooth, you can simply take medicines in order to reduce the pain. But these are not a permanent solution as compared to the root canal.

They may lead to severe pain and other oral conditions in the future.

Is root canal procedure is painful?

No, this treatment is not as painful as others but you may feel little sensitivity while eating and drinking. In this process, your surgeon will give you some antibiotics to reduce pain and sensitivity.

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