Oral Care Guide: How can gum contouring improve your overall oral health?

Gum Contouring: Improves Oral Health

Taking care of your dental health requires utmost attention and care. And for every patient, there’s a different concern, like some want to improve their uneven gum line. No matter your oral health concern, the medical assistance of a gum contouring dentist in Whitefield gives you the ultimate solution to your problem.

So, if you have excess gum tissue on the top of your teeth, it will look small. The doctor will remove the gum tissue in small amounts to look better and get the necessary contour. Most importantly, for a better-looking smile and improved oral health, gum contouring, instant teeth whitening in Whitefield, and many other procedures are used to improve your gum health.

What’s the reason for a gummy smile?

Some individuals’ gums are low or high. The reason for the same can vary from one person to another like:

●     Health issues

●     Intake of certain medications

●     Genetics

Additionally, the gum recession needs immediate treatment; otherwise, the chances of tooth decay and severe dental health problems will see a considerable rise. So, no matter what you do, you never ignore the gum problem. It would help if you asked the dentist whether there is a need to get the teeth reshaping in Whitefield and even will it help your oral health.

What are the problems treated with gum contouring?

The gum contouring is not just limited to removing excess gum tissues but offers benefits for other problems, like:

●     Cold sores

●     Gum disease

●     Oral growths

●     Peri-implantitis

●     TMJ

Am I a suitable candidate for gum contouring?

The suitable candidate for gum contouring are:

●     Want to improve your smile by fixing the gummy-looking smile

●     Your gums cover almost the entire teeth area

●     Getting frequent oral infection or gum disease because the bacteria start to hide themselves in the gum tissues

●     There’s no dental problem at present. If there’s any issue, it must be addressed and then proceeds with surgery.

Gum contouring, Offers satisfactory and successful results

The advanced and latest approach to gum contouring allows for improved aesthetics. If your pain tolerance level is too low, the doctor will suggest you get sedation. The sedation enables the patients to feel comfortable and go through the process with ease. Before starting the procedure, the dentist will clean and properly dry out the gums. The advanced and latest approach to gum contouring allows to give:

●     Precision at every step

●     Reduce bleeding

●     Satisfied results

What happens after gum contouring?

After the procedure, you can expect some pain, swelling, and tenderness, that’s completely normal. The gum contouring recovery time is around a few weeks. During this period, you have to take the best care of your gums. Above all, follow all the necessary advice given by the dentist. So, to maintain your gum health, you have to do what the doctor tells you.

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