How can diabetes affect your mouth?

If you are consuming too much glucose, which is called as the sugar, then you will have the severe pain, infection and other problems in your mouth. Your mouth consists of the following things:

  • Teeth

  • Gums

  • Jaw

  • Tissues such as the tongue, roof and bottom of your mouth

Glucose is usually present in the mouth of the saliva. Saliva is the fluid that makes your mouth wet. When the diabetes is not controlled then, the high glucose level in the mouth will lead to the growth of bacteria. This bacterium is combined with the food in order to make the soft and sticky film. This is called as the Plaque. Plaque is usually the result of the excessive eating of the sugar and starches. A plaque also leads to the tooth decay and cavities. Some plaque leads to gum diseases and bad breath problem.

There are gum diseases that take more time to heal if you are having diabetes. Various gum diseases will make the blood glucose difficult to control.

How will I know if I have mouth problems with diabetes?

How will I know if I have mouth problems with diabetes?

Check out your mouth if you are having the different signs of diabetes. If you have noticed any problem, then consult your dentist right away. If you are having the swollen, tender and bleeding gums, this is a sign of diabetes.

There is no need to be over cautious; you can consult the best dental clinic in Whitefield for the effective dental treatment.

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