Case Study On How Dental Implants Can Lead To Neurological Issues

Are you thinking about getting dental implants?

Well, you should visit the best dentist in Whitefield to learn more about this dental procedure for better and brighter oral health.

It is very important for you to learn as much information about it as possible before you finalize your decision for further progress. 

Neurological Problem Because of Dental Implants

Did you know that those dental implants based on titanium can trigger neurological problems? It happens because of the metal that the dentist uses for the gummy smile correction Whitefield in the body. Still, the dentist mostly prefers to use titanium, even though there are other implants available on the market, including zirconia.

Is there any particular reason for such a point?

Let us find more in this blog so that you will be able to form better knowledge overall. 

Research On Neurological Issues Because Of Dental Implants

To be honest, there is not much research in this particular field that suggests that titanium in dental implants can cause neurological problems. To top it off, the dentist has used titanium for decades to correct dental procedures. In fact, the doctor also uses titanium for other medical processes such as hip replacement.

It is not justified to use a blanket condemnation of metal that the dentist uses in our bodies. However, there are many naturopaths that lean towards this notion heavily. But do keep in mind that our body does require metals, including zinc and iron. In fact, they are very crucial for a healthy body. Hence you must add them to your nutrition.

One of the biggest reasons for most dentists to use traditional titanium dental implants is documentation. Based on decades of evidence and research, it is easy to say that they work, whereas, on the other hand, zirconia is still new. With the help of a neurology consultant, you would be able to find the best-personalized solution based on your dental issues. 

When Is The Right Time To Get Zirconia?

These are some times when you should opt for zirconia without even a second thought. However, it will be best if you talk and consult with your doctor beforehand in order to form a better understanding based on your particular case. Remember, each patient has different symptoms and issues; you must not measure them with yours.

  • In case you have serious metal sensitivities, then you must opt for zirconia implants by all means. There are many dentists who are more comfortable using it.
  • You are also liable to use them if you are more comfortable with the idea of zirconia than with titanium dental implants. But do keep in mind that zirconia does not have enough documentation on its longevity compared to titanium.
  • If you fear the neurological issues that can come with it, then you should not go for it. But remember that there is no empirical evidence against it.
  • The primary part of any dental procedure is to find the best and most highly qualified dentist with the proper training and experience. Also, make sure that they have a higher success rate. 

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