How is an alveoloplasty performed in combination with extraction?

If you had a tooth extraction, the alveolar ridge is checked to see the bone tissue quality & quantity better. Moreover, it’s something that makes the overall contour better. This treatment is performed following teeth removal. The aim of achieving this option at one of the best dental clinic in Whitefield is to provide a smooth & round bone surface. Additionally, the procedures allow faster healing & all the necessary complications are reduced. In this case, even the overall success rate is increased. To enjoy the benefit of this procedure, make sure that you better consult the dentist & get an understanding of what to do further.

Is it mandatory to do alveoloplasty for dentures?

The alveoloplasty is performed when denture construction is done. It’s like making sure the problems are found with the jawbone ridge & then partial or complete denture insertion is performed. In case there is a jawbone ridge issue, then it might result in discomfort & stability is not in the way it should be. Moreover, it is termed a stand-alone method that is great for preventing future issues with dentures.

Due to dentures, irritation gets in excess when the jawbone is not even at all. In this scenario, getting alveoloplasty addresses the issue in the most effective manner. So, having firmly secure & fitted dentures is essential. Scheduling your initial consultation with one of the best dentist in Whitefield will direct you towards the right path for your dental care.


Alveoloplasty is needed for all those who have undergone jawbone remodeling, but healing is not done with ease. No doubt, the entire process happens on its own & there is no way to predict when the recovery will get complete.

Jaw bone reshaping

In case teeth are removed, then this option works great. It might be possible the ridge gets that distinctive look, and then treatment is needed. This situation is often noticed when skeletal or jawbone irregularities are detected. Moreover, this works great in helping the area to get smooth. Especially where teeth removal or extraction is done. The main aim of the procedure is to assist in addressing the issues & all the necessary dental appliances are applied.

How much is the cost of alveoloplasty?

No doubt, this option works great for patients who want to have minimal downtime. The reshape & contour of the jawbone are done with this treatment. Especially the patients diagnosed with cancer will get benefit through this treatment plan. Depending on which problem you have or your requirements, you will get the treatment option. On average, the treatment will cost you around Rs 5000, and it can even go higher as per the concern you would like to address.

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