How To Get White Teeth In The Dental Clinic And With Home Remedies

Dentists solve all teeth-related problems. Dentists aim to make our teeth healthy and bright. If you have any queries regarding your teeth, then ask the dentist in Bangalore

How does teeth whitening work

If you want immediate white teeth, you can visit the dentist. They provide all information regarding teeth and whitening procedures. They use laser therapy to quickly get results. . to learn more about teeth whitening, consult the best dentists in Ludhiana.

Types of stains in teeth 

Intrinsic teeth stains 

Intrinsic teeth stains that stain under teeth show different colors like yellow and brown. Inherent teeth stains have some causes, such as injuries to the teeth, medical conditions, and genetics.

Extrinsic teeth stains 

Extrinsic teeth stain this type of stain outside the teeth. Cigarettes, tea, coffee, and tobacco harm the outer teeth after consuming these products. Become discolored teeth like yellow and brown.

Teeth whitening option 

There are many kinds of toothpaste available in the world. There is an option for what type of toothpaste helps remove intrinsic and extrinsic stains. Some products include chemicals that make you feel irritated and itching. 

Teeth whitening product 

Teeth whitening products are made using baking soda that helps remove all teeth stains. But long-time use of the chemical-based product can damage tooth enamel.

Home remedies for whitening teeth

If you want natural white teeth, following those steps gives good results for your teeth. They consume some time, but it is a chemical-free product you can buy easily. The first step is oil pulling. Oil pulling helps to remove bacteria in your mouth. The second step is to brush with baking soda. It helps to remove plaque and remove the outer teeth stains. In the third step, hydrogen peroxide helps remove all bacteria and discoloration caused by environmental exploration. A healthy diet is good for teeth. 

Side effect

Irritation in gum:

When your teeth connect with bleaching. It will react to offense and other problems, such as red, swollen, and sore gum.


Using bleaching causes allergic reactions. If you show some response, such as swallowing your face, tongue, etc., you can consult a doctor about this problem. 

Over teeth whitening:

This problem starts with the use of home remedies. Then it becomes more yellow in your teeth.

Try white teeth treatment if you want white teeth. Dentists tell about causes for yellow teeth, like genetics, aging, and lifestyle habits. Most dentists give treatment to adults because they have some side effects. If you want white teeth, then consult with a dentist.  You can also seek help at Smile Zone, which is the best and reputed dental clinic.

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