Most Common Dental Care Myths

We all know how important it is to take care of our teeth. In adults, the concept of dental health is very simple. You need to just floss as well as brush and this will solve the issue. No doubt, there is nothing wrong in this principle. Some of us consider that visiting a dentist is required only when we experience pain. But this is not right that you need to avoid the dental appointment only because you do not feel any pain or pain in the teeth.

Moreover, many people have some common myth related to dental care which creates confusion about dental health. Here are some common myth related to dental care:

  • Bleaching makes the teeth weak

No doubt, earlier the products which were used contain harmful substances which may harm the teeth as they were acidic in nature. But now the treatments used are PH neutral. It means there will be no harm to the teeth. Additionally, you will be surprised to know that annually around $1.4 Billion OTC teeth whitening product is sold. So, it clearly shows how teeth whitening product is helpful for the teeth.

  • Bad oral health does not lead to any health issue

You might know that bad oral practice is also linked with increasing the health issue of heart disease and diabetes. The issue of gum disease can lead to the blood clot. This issue will result in the risk of a heart attack. Another surprising fact is that around 91% of people are facing the issue of gum disease who have a problem if heart disease.

  • No visible problem no need to visit the doctor

There are many people who think that they do not have to visit the doctor just because there is no type of issue visible. It is the biggest mistake, make sure you visit the doctor at least twice a year. This will help you get dental care at the right time along with the right preventive methods which you might need at that time. In case, you are facing any problem then you should visit the dental clinic.

  • Changing toothbrush will not help

Every doctor recommends that you should change the toothbrush every 3 months. This is because the toothbrush won’t clean the gums and teeth properly if you keep using it for a long time. Make sure you are using a brush which does not leave any bad impact on the gums.

  • White teeth are healthy teeth

You might not be aware of this thing that every person have different color teeth. It is not necessary that if you have white teeth then they are strong. In most cases, the problem is hidden underneath those shiny teeth such as infection, tooth decay, and cavity. For this, you should use the mouthwash which helps in reducing the plaque by 25%.

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