Everything you need to know about the mouth and dental injury in children

Dental Injury In Children’s

One stats has shown that around 50% of children have faced some tooth injury in childhood. Although, in many cases, it can be prevented by seeking the right approach at the right time. In case of tooth and mouth injury can occur after a fall, sports injury, fight, or motor vehicle accident. Although, these are not severe as they might seem, the chances of having complications are even less. However, it is imperative to consult one of the known Dentists in Bangalore to seek the ultimate care in all possible ways. If your child has an injury, it’s imperative to seek medical assistance without any delay.

How to evaluate if your child needs medical help?

For the parent, it’s imperative to find your child needing medical assistance at one of the best dental clinic. Some of the most helpful ways to do that are:

  • Child complaints about sensitivity, pain, or tenderness in the tooth.
  • Pain in the jaw while opening or closing the mouth
  • Problem breathing or swallowing
  • Bleeding won’t stop even after applying pressure for 10 minutes
  • Large cut or gap inside the mouth or face
  • Lip cut, which goes to lip border and then nearby skin
  • Child has fever or other signs of infection
  • The child has blurred vision, slurred speech, or weakness.

What are the ways to check the patient’s medical history?

Initially, it’s essential to determine the patient’s medical history or perform a physical examination for better understanding. The key factor is to get detail about everything to know properly if there’s a problem with the mouth, head, neck, throat, and body.

Apart from evaluating medical history, various imaging tests are done like MRI, CT scan, and other tests to effectively determine the root damage.

What are the treatment options for mouth or dental injury in children?

The possible treatment options for dental injuries are suggested after checking the child’s age, the extent of the problem, and other factors are analyzed. Moreover, once the treatment is given, the imperative part is to visit for follow-ups from time to time to evaluate whether the problem is getting better.

What if my child has lost primary teeth?

Be it lost or dislocated primary tooth, the dentist guides towards the treatment that allows preventing the further extent. It’s possible the loose teeth heal without treatment, but yes, removing them is better. Otherwise, the chances of the baby getting choked during sleep are higher.

What if my child has a dislocated permanent tooth?

If permanent teeth are knocked out, then it’s determined to be a dental emergency. Under the said approach, it’s imperative to get it placed back effectively in the tooth socket in around 15 minutes to 1 hour.

What are the ways to prevent dental and mouth injury?

Taking preventive measures is better in all possible ways. Like if your child plays sports and gets involved in any sort of activity, then better ask them to wear a mouthguard. If you are getting which one to opt for your child, then better seek dentist assistance.

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