What are the predominant kinds of fillings used to treat tooth decay?

It is commonly observed that to prevent variegated dental problems, it is always suggested to maintain good oral hygiene. But despite one taking very good and considerable care of oral hygiene, he or she still faces tooth decay. A dental clinic in Whitefield offers variegated kinds of fillings which may help to prevent any future complications:

  • Gold
  • Silver amalgam
  • Composite
  • Ceramic
  • Glass Ionomers


  • Which factors are to be kept in mind while choosing the filling? 

Following factors are to be kept in mind while choosing the filling for a tooth:

  • Location of cavity
  • Severity and Intensity of decay
  • Cost
  • Insurance Coverage
  • What is the preponderant advantage of taking up the option of gold filling? 

If one has decided to take up the option of gold filling he is sure to experience the following advantages:

  • Gold fillings are considered as the strong and strength induced fillings.
  • The gold fillings do not possess any threat of corrosion.
  • The most customary benefit because of which people rely on these is their life span which is more than fifteen years.
  • Apart from other benefits, if you are among those who do not find the visit to a dentist pleasant, then should surely go with the dental fillings because it requires only one deliberation with the dentist after the filling.


  • What are the variegated bonus points of getting the filling of silver amalgam?

Following are the noteworthy advantages of the silver amalgam:

  • The silver amalgam is one of the most strengthful fillings.
  • These have a considerable life span. If you do not want to spend more on gold fillings then you should opt the silver amalgam filling.
  • What are the predominant merits of opting the composite fillings?

Following are the noteworthy points of composite fillings:

If you end up opting the compositing filling then you can get the colour of the filling matched with your tooth colour. It is advantageous particularly to those who are very concerned about their looks and do not want to appear adolescent.

  • Why should ceramic filling be used?

The ceramic filling is one of the most chosen options because of the following:

  • These are built up of ‘Porcelain’.
  • The main reason for accepting this filing is that it has a more gorgeous appearance as compared to the other fillings.
  • Is the use of glass ionomer filling suggested?

The glass ionomers filling is particularly best for the children because of the following reason:

These have short service life like that of only five years. It is because of the reason that we all know the baby teeth of the children are sure to fall off. Afterwards, new teeth come into the light. For this reason, it is suggested to make use of glass ionomers as it is the best short term solution.

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