Root canal treatment – Basics, Steps of the procedure & the Preventions

When the infection has afflicted the internal structure of the tooth, then that needs endodontic therapy, which needs to be treated at the earliest. The dental clinic in Whitefield aims at treating the pulp, which is known as the root canal. Let’s get to know in brief about the root canal and its aspects.

Root canal treatment

The root canal treatment aims at eliminating the infected nerves from the pulp. Usually, people believe in the myth that the root canal treatment is painful, but it is relevant to mention here that this procedure is carried out under the sedation of general anaesthesia so that the patient cannot feel what is happening around that area.

Which basic knowledge should you have?

The tooth is divided into two parts. One is the upper part which is known as the crown and the other one is the below part which is unknown as the nerves.

The internal structure of both the crown and the nerves contains the pulp which is accountable for nourishing the teeth and moist the surrounding regions. This pulp sometimes gets infected or inflamed which makes you feel uncomfortable while biting the solids like apple or pear and feel sensitive to hot and cold.

Which steps are followed to accomplish the treatment?

The following steps are accountable for accomplishing the treatment:

  • Step1: Cleaning

The first step is regarding cleaning the root canal. Once the root canal is cleaned, then, the dentist makes a hole at the surface of the tooth and approaches the infected pulp. Then the pulp is removed.

  • Step2: Filling the root canal

The next step is related to the cleaning, purification of the hollow area, shaping. Then the rubber-like material is filled in the tooth. Then with the help of the adhesive cement, the canals are tightly sealed.

  • Step3: Installation of the crown

As we know, that pulp is removed which was accountable for the nourishment. Now The tooth has to take the help of the adjoining ligaments for the attainment of the required nutrients. And because of that, the tooth may become fragile over time. And this installation of the crown provides support to the tooth and protects it from getting bothered with any attack.

What is the benefit of getting the root canal treatment?

The cost factor is the biggest beneficial factor which is relatively less when the person is undergoing root canal treatment. Because if this stage is let to aggravate further, then the last treatment resort will be extraction. Which is quite much more expensive as compared to the root canal treatment.

Which preventive measures are to be taken up?

One should follow some precautions as mentioned below:

  • The patient should not neglect to brush teeth twice a day. One when he wakes up and another when he is going to the bed.

  • The toothpaste which contains fluoride should be used in the dental routine.


But if you suffer from severe and unendurable pain after the treatment, then you should consult the dentist at your earliest.

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