Serious Warning Signs of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are those that lastly develop in the human mouth. Wisdom teeth are normally 4 in total, two located up and two located down in your jaw. These teeth are termed as impacted wisdom teeth in case they fail to grow properly out of the gums. Cases differ from individual to individual, but the notable truth remains that 90% of individuals have impacted wisdom teeth.

Due to the fact that these wisdom teeth grow in an awkward manner, it renders them hardly cleaned also because of their location. In the long run, these teeth will cause various dental issues such as decay, bad breath, gum disease, soft tissue complications, among others.

It is quite true that a majority of us are unaware that we have wisdom teeth unless a dentist reveals so during a dental checkup.

It is common to find an oral surgeon or a dentist who recommends that those wisdom teeth be eliminated, simply because they may cause a number of dental issues in the future.

Indicators of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Once you experience the following, make it a priority to at least visit our dental expert at our best dental clinic in India.

  • Pain in the Gums

Pain in the gums or in the surrounding areas is one of the immediate indicators of impacted wisdom teeth. In addition, you will experience swelling in the gums or near the jaw and tenderness. Pain and swelling may worsen with time, therefore, make it a point to see a dentist.

  • Swelling in the Neck and Shoulder

Since your neck and the shoulder are exactly connected to the jaws, you will experience swelling in case you have impacted wisdom teeth. In addition, headaches of the temporomandibular will follow. It is important that you pay attention to this symptom and not to confuse it with TMJ disorder.

  • Pain in the Neck of the Mouth

Most individuals associate wisdom teeth with maturity and wisdom, but they will automatically cost you when they unravel their negative side. Those with severe pain, bleeding, tenderness and headaches and other issues caused by wisdom teeth will only escape the terror through a Wisdom Tooth Impaction Surgery in India in order to live a better life.

  • Bad Breath

In case suffering from bad breath that prevails even after proper dental care or hygiene, this should prompt you to check whether you have impacted wisdom teeth or not.


Gum issues

Individuals with impacted wisdom teeth will always suffer from numerous gum disorders.

Damage to the adjacent teeth

Yes, wisdom teeth may push the nearby teeth in several directions something that can cause misalignment or crooked teeth. In addition, this is a risk factor for infections and damage.


Some wisdom teeth form cysts that damage the nerves, jawbone, and the adjacent teeth which obviously requires removal for a perfect dental health.

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