What is the course of immediate actions when a child has encountered a snapped or chipped tooth?

It is very usual for kids to have snapped and scratched or nicked teeth. It is because while playing kids tend to become wild and adventurous and they end up having dental emergencies. Dental Clinic in Whitefield elucidates a few actions which one should do at the encounter of a dental emergency.

What are the immediate actions which should be taken when a child snaps his or her tooth?

 Following are the immediate course of actions which one should take good care of when a child has encountered a nicked or snapped teeth.

  • It may take place that because of the severe pain the child may feel discomfort. And out of discomfort, they cry in a way that could compel you to give relief to their pain with a pain reliever. Never do this sort of thing. Otherwise, the complications may become worse.
  • If your child has completely snapped a tooth or a part of the tooth is broken. Do not try to fix it. What you have to do is, just take the fragment to the dentist.
  • If your child is experiencing too much pain, then give them a cold compress. Cold Compress will help to relieve the pain. It is because a cold compress makes the tooth area numb and prevents you from feeling the pain.
  • One more thing which one can do is to rinse the child’s mouth with chilled water. It will aid the child to get rid of fragments and the blood.
  • Do not try to apply any medication or practice any home remedy in case of snapped teeth.

What is the procedure of temporary transplantation of teeth?

There is a course of action with which you may be able to temporarily restore the broken tooth. Do not try to do it if it is not happening or giving the child too much pain.

  • First of all, pick up the snapped tooth and wash it out with chilled water.

Caution: Do not touch the crown of the tooth and avoid scratching and scrubbing the tooth

  • The next step is putting back the tooth in the hollow. Now it needs compression. So just place a gauze or a clean handkerchief in your child’s mouth and ask him to bite on it severely.
  • Do not worry if you fail to put the tooth back in the hollow or socket. No need to repeat the procedure as it will give your child pain. Put the broken tooth in a container that should be hygienic. Make sure you are keeping the tooth humid and damp. If possible try to preserve it with a tooth-preservation liquid. No worries! If you don’t have the one. You can use any of the following:
  • Cold milk
  • Saline water
  • Saliva
  • Water

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