Make yourself familiar with the teeth reshaping procedure

Teeth reshaping

Want to make your teeth shape better? With tooth reshaping, you are better at improving the overall teeth appearance. The assistance offered by an experienced best dentist in Whitefield will help you get the perfect shaped tooth. Many individuals don’t want to use the braces, so they choose the option of tooth reshaping. No doubt, every person has their wish on what they would like to have. If you are confused about making a prompt call then schedule a consultation with the dentist.

What is the goal of tooth reshaping?

Tooth reshaping or odontoplasty is a great choice in terms of dental cosmetics. Teeth reshaping in Whitefield aim to fix the lopsided, chipped tooth, broken tooth, or skewed tooth. Most importantly, the procedure is the most effective and inventive methodology to make everything go smoothly. You need to talk with your dentist to discuss the tooth shape you wish to get.

What are the reasons for choosing tooth reshaping?

The aim of tooth reshaping has proven highly beneficial in several situations. The procedure focuses on addressing minor or small flaws effectively. Although, someone with major dental issues is not an ideal candidate. So, tooth reshaping is an effective procedure in case:

  • Crooked tooth

  • Misaligned tooth

If the dentist does not think you are suitable for the procedure, you are asked to undergo a different treatment plan. So, you are not allowed to undergo surgery if you have unhealthy gums, infected pulp, and rotten teeth.

What is the procedure for tooth reshaping?

The methodology of tooth reshaping follows a different yet quick approach. Initially, the dentist asks you to get X-rays and dental assessments to check the gums and teeth strength. Later check the enamel. The dentist suggests veneers or other methods for the weak or flimsy finish.

The tooth reshaping procedure starts when you have good teeth, gums, and polish. The dentist begins by eliminating the tooth enamel by using the fine diamond bur or sanding plate. The method allows addressing all the unwanted imperfections in the tooth. Later the dentist will:

  • Trim the teeth

  • Shorten the long teeth

  • Shape and smooth out the uneven teeth

The main goal is to make the arrangement and its placement correct. If required, the dentist will do bonding to make the tooth reshaping an effective approach.

How to take care after the tooth reshaping?

The results of tooth reshaping are excellent. The method aims to improve the shape and teeth presence. But to maintain the results for a long time, you must take proper care. So, make sure to follow the dentist’s guidelines after the tooth reshaping:

  • Don’t bite nails

  • Don’t eat hard food

  • Don’t chew gums

  • Brush your teeth at least two times in a day

  • Proper floss of the teeth

Final word

All in all, the method of tooth reshaping is an effective approach. If you want to get yourself the benefit of tooth reshaping, then schedule an initial consultation at Smile Zone Dental Speciality Centre.

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