The Shocking Effects of Tobacco on Oral Health!

Regardless of the way you consume tobacco or its related products, you are digging a grave for your oral health and your overall health. As though 55% of individuals who smoke experience gum diseases, teeth discoloration among others, dental experts confirm that tobacco and its products can lead to oral cancer and ineffectiveness of oral treatments.

In the current era, tobacco is consumed in a number of ways that are generally categorized as smoking and smokeless tobacco. Many countries authorize tobacco smoking for a number of reasons and some even go ahead to allocate smoking areas. This has in the long run attracted a number of males in a majority to get addicted. Cigarettes, that are widely consumed contain a chemical known as nicotine that has a number of effects that include weakened gums and bone, apart from its effects on the reproductive system, lungs, the heart and the kidney.

In the case of smokeless tobacco that many find friendly, dental experts like Dr. Priya Verma, who is the best dentist in Bangalore confirm that it has the same side effects on one’s oral health as smoking nicotine directly. Smokeless tobacco comes in many forms such as;

  • Snuffing tobacco

  • Bricks

  • Chewing tobacco

  • Plugs

  • Twists

  • Snus and tobacco lozenges

Smoking, Nicotine, & Oral Diseases

The earlier side effects of smoking or nicotine are bad breath and then teeth discoloration. Discoloration may worsen depending on one’s dental hygiene. A stained tongue will automatically not be missed as one gets addicted to smoking or chewing tobacco.

In the case of sniffing, where one puts tobacco on the hand and then takes it in through the nose, it has serious side effects on the throat as it penetrates down and into your bloodstream.

On a serious note, periodontitis, an infection that affects the gums and destroys the jaw bone will take its course. Cavities of different forms will not also be avoided

Oral cancer

Oral cancer affects various parts of the mouth, including the lips, the tongue, the throat, and the mouth its self. Oral cancer is mostly described as “Leukoplakia” a serious type of cancer that may worsen with time regardless of the treatments used

Impacting or Solving your Dental issues

Dental issues are common in both smokers and non-smokers, but their severity hikes in smokers as treatment may fail to produce the desired results. Being a smoker with any dental issue, this means that the dentist has to formulate a specialized treatment plan for efficacy and while obtaining the best dental treatment in India is easy, a Leukoplakia patient will end up being referred to a special hospital for special treatment.

Therefore, utilize any way possible to quit smoking or consuming nicotine.

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