What are the different types of dental crowns available out there?

Dental crowns are one of those solutions which work ideal for those who have damaged teeth or they want the look to get restored. Through the dental crowns, the teeth are restored & the smile will get better which you always wanted. Seeking assistance from one of the known dentists is essential.

Which are the most common causes to get a dental crown?

Here are some of the common causes for which the treatment of dental crown is needed by consulting one of the known Dentist in Bangalore:

  • Week tooth following severe cavity or severe
  • Implant cover
  • Large filling replacement
  • A natural tooth that is cracked or damaged
  • A tooth that requires a root canal
  • Getting the bite aligned
  • Aesthetics reasons like levelling the shape, size, & teeth color

What all is included while getting the crown?

Getting the custom-made crown will help your condition as you will be getting something which is as per your need. You must consult one of the Best Dentist in Whitefield to better manage the situation and ensure that everything you do is right in all ways. Here are the types of dental crowns which you can get:

  • Gold crowns

Gold crowns include the copper & metal combination which has chromium or nickel. This crown is known for its durability & strength. But, the option of a gold crown is something that today’s individuals do not demand. If proper care is taken then the gold crown will last for longer. Although these wear down slowly just the way your natural teeth enamel is. This option works ideal for those who have second molars, especially in the back teeth.

  • All Porcelain crowns

All-porcelain crowns are something that is getting attention with time. These are made through porcelain material. Additionally, these are known for giving the natural & best look. Moreover, they look the best in terms of size, color, & shape. Additionally, these are best suited for front teeth restorations. The best part is that these are toxic-free.

  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns

PFM is something that works great for dental crowns. Additionally, it does offer a great amount of strength & aesthetics. For the last 50 years, these have been in continuous use and their working is something which makes them ideal in all ways. Additionally, these are also under budget.

  • Zirconia crowns

It’s one of the new materials which is known for its strength & the aesthetic features it has. Because the material does not have the properties of breaking or chipping down easily. To do this process less time is needed. Moreover, it has fewer chances of getting worn down because of the strength it does offer.

Final word

Are you looking for a dental crown option? Make sure to get the expertise of one of the known dentists in Bangalore: Dr. Priya Verma to help you with any sort of dental treatment journey. Schedule your initial consultation with the doctor to better manage the entire situation & get the treatment that addresses the concern you have.

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