What are the different types of teeth and stages of teeth that a person goes through?

Good and healthy teeth are also relevant to our wellbeing as a whole. Our teeth make us smile, suck, and chew the food we need to eat. The multiple teeth you have in your lifespan are crucial to consider. You don’t worry, in case you are suffering from any type of teeth problem, our Dental clinic in Whitefield will offer you the right treatment to keep your teeth healthy. Let’s first have a look at the types of teeth or stages that a person goes through in life.

Milk teeth

The first teeth we have as infants are milk teeth. Such teeth form when a baby is born and typically continue to develop when a baby is between 6 and 12 months of age.

If a child hits the age of 3, a total collection of 20 Milk teeth may be required. They will keep these teeth safe and clean for a few more years and help them eat, speak, and prevent problems as adults’ teeth grow. As children aged 5 to 6, their milk teeth will be slowly lowered as adult teeth grow up.

Adult teeth

One would expect a baby to lose all of his baby teeth between ages 12 and 14 and now has an entire set of adult teeth replaced.

A minimum of 32 teeth of adults in total. It involves the wisdom teeth that emerge at the back of the mouth. Normally, these are expected to grow much later and between 17 and 21 years old. Wisdom teeth are not growing in for some people. The doctor will warn you about the teeth with wisdom and will inform you regarding the quality with the teeth through light or via x-rays.

The different types of teeth

  • When chopping and grinding food products, there are the front teeth so there are 4 at the bottom of the teeth so 4 at the edges.
  • Canine teeth can be useful in cutting and chewy items like beef. They have 2 in the upper jaw and 2 in the lower jaw which is positioned above the incisors.
  • Placed near your canine teeth, the premolars. Usually, eight premolars and 4 above and 4 below the teeth should be found in a full collection of adult teeth. For grinding and breaking bits of fruit, we focus on these teeth. Such dental teeth are larger than the short, straight front teeth, with a smooth coating on the edge.
  • There are molars in the mouth that expand and a whole set of adult teeth will have 8 teeth in total, four at the top, and four at the bottom. These teeth are your best teeth and we rely on them to grind our food, so swallowing is healthy.


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