What are the most common tooth problems which require immediate treatment?

List of common tooth problems:


If you are experiencing toothache then you should rinse your mouth with hot water. Also, brush your teeth twice a day, and do not forget to do floss. After doing all these things still, you are facing swelling or pus around your tooth then it is a matter of concern. You should consult the best dentist to get rid of your problem.

Stained teeth

If you are having stained teeth then you should visit the dentist. He will recommend you three things that are mentioned below:

  • With the help of a whitening agent and special light, he will remove stains.
  • You can bleach your teeth with the help of a plastic tray.
  • Dentists will recommend your toothpaste will help you in removing all the strains from your mouth.

In fact, you should avoid some foods, consumption of tobacco and much more will help you in protecting your smile.


If you are having tiny holes in your teeth then it is not good news. You need expert advice. The tiny holes are made up of bacteria which slowly damages your teeth. In fact, there are chances you might experience tooth decay. If you are suffering from this condition then to avoid this you should brush your teeth at least for 3 minutes twice a day, eat healthy food, and use mouthwash. You can also consult a dentist to find the best solution for a cavity problem.

Chipped tooth

Chipped Tooth is a dental problem that is caused by many adults these days. If you are also experiencing such a problem then book a dentist appointment as soon as possible. He will advise you with a crown if you are having a huge chip in your mouth.

Impacted teeth

Impacted teeth are a problem when an adult’s tooth doesn’t come out properly. It means impacted tooth is a situation in which a person’s tooth is stuck with another tooth, bone, and so on. If the tooth is hurting you or creating any type of problem then you should consult the dentist. He will help you in solving your problem.

Cracked tooth

It is a type of situation in which a person met with an accident, hit by a football, etc and ended up breaking his/her tooth. You should visit the dental clinic urgently to save your tooth otherwise you will worsen your condition. The dentist will suggest solutions after examining your condition of the cracked tooth. He might recommend fillings, crowns, root canal, and so on.


Sensitivity occurs due to the poor maintenance of oral hygiene. So you should adopt some good habits to avoid such types of dental problems. You can change your toothpaste or can take advice from the dentist.


If you are having more than 32 teeth in your mouth it is known as hyperdontia. Due to too many teeth in the mouth, they start troubling you. So to avoid problems you can visit the dentist’s place and he will remove the extra teeth.

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