What is dental plaque, tartar? How you can remove it from your teeth

You are not taking care of your teeth properly. You are not brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing it. Not going to checkups to the dentist once in a while. Are you facing dental plaque problems in your teeth and don’t know what to do with that? Then of course you will face such types of problems. You should take care of your smile which is the best ornament you can wear. Then you don’t have to hide your smile from anyone. Do not take tension, we are here to solve your problems. This article will tell you what dental plaque and tartar are and also about Dental Clinic in Whitefield.

Dental plaque

Dental plaque is a very sticky and soft dental biofilm. It has no colour or maybe sometimes it shows in pale yellow colour on your teeth. It forms when your bacteria are fed by food, fluid and saliva and produces the acids which attack the tooth enamel. By brushing your teeth for two minutes twice a day you can remove the plaque when it is soft. Also by flossing you can remove the sticky part of the plaque.

If you will not remove it by brushing and flossing them then you will put yourself in trouble by hardening them, can trap strains and turn into tartar. If this problem arises then it will lead to gum diseases. Do you know plaque is one of the reasons for foul breath and you don’t want to have that smell in your mouth. Now you must be thinking that “What is this new term tartar is right?” Don’t worry you will come to know what tartar is.


Tartar is also known as calculus. It assembles when plaque is accumulated and hardens on your teeth due to carelessness of yours in your dental hygiene regime. The colour of the plaque will turn darker into brownish colour and it also leads to tooth discolouration. For removing tartar you need a bit of expert advice and consult your nearest dentist clinic.

Things which can reduce plaque are:

  • Rub orange on your teeth.
  • With the help of baking soda and salt, you can reduce the plaque.
  • Don’t eat carbohydrates, sugar, dairy products. They will help in increasing the formation of plaque.
  • Eat healthy food only.
  • Still didn’t get relief?

After doing all these things still, you won’t be able to remove it then you have to go to the dentist. Nobody wants to consult a doctor unless the problem goes out of control. You will be thinking what will happen when you visit a dentist right? The first thing a dentist will do is check from a dental mirror to see the plaque in your teeth. He will figure out the spots which you are unable to find. Then he will use a dental scaler to scrape the plaque from your teeth.

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