What to Do when Tooth Hurts after Root Canal?

So, you have recently got the treatment of root canal but your teeth still hurt. It might be possible that you did not select the surgeon and did not do the treatment properly. Well, there are different scenarios which can lead to this situation. Read the topic to learn more.

What is a root canal?

The root canal is the procedure when the dentist drill into the core of the tooth and the infected nerve is removed and soft tissue which is present in the tooth structure. The core of the tooth is referred to as pulp. During this method, all the contaminants are removed.

During the root canal treatment, the tooth canal is irrigated & cleansed by using medication. The canals are replaced with artificial material known as gutta-percha.

What is the procedure of root canal?

  1. Local anesthesia is given to numb the teeth.
  2. A dental dam is placed
  3. The cavity present is removed
  4. The nerve chamber or pulp is reached.
  5. Instruments and medicaments are used for cleaning the tooth canals
  6. The canals are dried
  7. X-rays are taken
  8. In the canal, the artificial filling is placed.
  9. Buildup material is used for rebuilding the tooth
  10. On the tooth dental crown is placed.

Why my teeth are sensitive after getting a root canal?

Following the root canal, tooth sensitivity is common. The pain can last for 2 weeks after getting the treatment. This is the reason, pain medications are given after undergoing the root canal therapy. In case, the pain and sensitivity do not decrease or improve then it is important that you should seek the help of the doctor to get further evaluation.

Why I have tooth sensitivity to heat and cold after a root canal?

In case, you are having tooth sensitivity to hot and cold food & drink then there are chances that root canaling is not done properly or still inside the tooth there are anatomical nerve canals. Whatever the case, there is a need to get the treatment again. It would be better if you visit the doctor to see whether there is a need for retreatment or not.

Why my teeth are sensitive to biting forces and pressure after a root canal?

This situation occurs when the patient is suffering from tooth fracture. Actually, there are 2 main causes of pressure sensitivity:

  • The tooth is fractured which means it needs to be removed.
  • The dental crown is placed very high and needs adjustment.

Mostly, following the root canal if pressure sensitivity occurs then it means fractured tooth. But, make sure you get a diagnosis by your doctor to give you the prognosis of the tooth.

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